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Tyson is a graduate of UNLV with a degree in sports management. While at UNLV he worked for the NCAA as a compliance assistant and at Caric Sports Management as an assistant to the owner, Steve Caric. Currently, Tyson is the NFC West Lead Writer for Bleacher Report. Outside of work Tyson enjoys spending time at the lake and keeping up on the latest Apple news.

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  • Susan Turek posted 26 days ago

    Susan Turek

    You're welcome, Tyson—always a pleasure. Everything is well on my end. Thanks!

  • Ryan Desmarais posted 48 days ago

    Ryan Desmarais

    You're welcome, Tyson. It was an interesting read!

  • Paul Kelley posted 96 days ago

    Paul Kelley

    It most certainly is a daunting task to log so many predictions this far in advance of the NFL season. That being said, I don't know where you get your ideas from, other then a Magic Eight Ball. If you feel confident about your SF predictions, I'm happy to enter into a wager with you. Say the word. Say the wager.
    PK - From SF

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 104 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    You're welcome, Tyson! Always glad to help.

  • Susan Turek posted 119 days ago

    Susan Turek

    You're welcome! Always a pleasure.

  • Niall Edmonds posted 173 days ago

    Niall Edmonds

    All 32 NFL teams are your Favorite Sports Teams?! Come on, man. You must hate at least one of them.

  • Jordan Shweky posted 186 days ago

    Jordan Shweky

    Dear sir,

    I very much enjoyed the article about Beast Mode, in terms of concept. However, you happen to be, at least based on that article, a truly awful writer, so much so that I felt the need to point it out because some of your sentences are offensively ill-conceived (or, being generous, you post without editing, proofreading, or having a third-party do the same, which is, in your case, a mistake).

    For my first example, note how the following is entirely illogical to write in consecutive sentences, even though said sentences are in separate graphs:

    "Of the four schools that offered him a scholarship, three of them were on the West Coast.

    This was surprising based on the fact Lynch was voted a PrepStar and SuperPrep All-American."

    You have implied that the surprising fact is that 3 schools were on the West Coast, not that only 4 schools targeted him, which was clearly your intention. In the same graph you also note that all 4 happened to be reputable schools (presumably in terms of academics, though the ambiguity makes it possible that you are saying the schools are all known for serving great sloppy joes), which you never expand upon as being a factor in Lynch's decision, making that statement both inane and superfluous.

    Next: "Additionally, he caused another earth-shattering run versus the Saints..."

    No, he did not "cause" the run, he ran the run (if anyone/anything "caused" anything on this play, I'm going with friction, inertia, and blockers). I'm curious as to whether or not you could define the verb form of "cause" after reading this sentence.

    Finally (and there are plenty more, but I'm restraining myself), your last sentence, which is, if nothing else, evidence that you suffer as a moderately high-functioning yet linguistically-debilitated autistic: Lynch’s legacy will no longer be viewed as an enigma.

    I'm sorry...what? (And if I'm being serious about that last one, note that you NEVER, not once claim that his legacy is "an enigma" in the article, whatever that means for the feature back on a championship-contending team in a league with more TV exposure than the color purple [the color itself, not the movie]).

    Please, edit your work. You are a WRITER, and there are certain responsibilities that come along with that, most notably the ability to write.

  • Alex Jacobson posted 218 days ago

    Alex Jacobson

    your article confused me, and I know i won't get anywhere there, so i must ask you, how is losing ever, ever a good thing. The Hawks now have to host a potentially explosive Rams team, and are a mistake away from losing the division. The team that goes farthest in the playoffs is almost always the hottest, so to me a loss in the second to last week of the season along with a 1st round bye doesn't sound very good to me.

  • Charles Nesbitt posted 278 days ago

    Charles Nesbitt

    Hi, Tyson. It's Auburn University, not the University of Auburn.

  • paul schroeder posted 293 days ago

    paul schroeder

    great read dude

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