Milena Graz

Milena Graz


A Montrealer who doesn't root for the Habs. Woohoo.

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  • Jack thetraveller posted 3090 days ago

    Jack thetraveller

    Hey Milena
    See what you think of my picks

  • Jack thetraveller posted 3097 days ago

    Jack thetraveller

    Surpirse surprise im giving loads of credit to the Pens this time. I actually really like their chances in the final. check out my latest article regarding the Pens chances agaisnt the Wings.

    Ill name myself as a fan-if you ever want someone to read and comment on something youve written, reciprocate and leave me your articles link. I appreciated your comments last time. Look forward to reading more this time.


  • Jason Hitelman posted 3155 days ago

    Jason Hitelman

    thanks for reading and voting,