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  • adama ba posted 1099 days ago

    adama ba

    In the history of ac milan, there has never been a defender more intimidating than franco Baresi, never!!!! Franco commanded respect and authority and it was the days of the cattenatio. All we needed to do was to score 1 goal and Uncle Franco was gonna shut it down with his leutenant costacurta destryoing everything. Don't care how many game maldini played. He was always the weakess point of that defense. He came along later but even when he was moved to center defense, it never was as solid as it was when Baresi was in command. That is why we retired his number and nobody will ever wear the number 6 at ac milan ever, cause it belongs to the greatest ac milan player of all time FRANCO BARESI!!!!! so stop telling me about maldini cause he played 900 games. Doesn't mean nothing

  • adama ba posted 1099 days ago

    adama ba

    hey tony, I bet you are a ronaldhino generation type ac milan fan. Maldini used to get burned all day long. He was the weakness of the ac milan defense. Christian Panucci was better than paolo. I go back to a european game when zidane was playing for bordeaux. Zidane and robert Dugarri murdered maldini that day, to the point that ac milan bought dugarri who ended up being garbage and juve bought zidane the next year. Same thing for Ibrahim Ba who got famous out of torching maldini and mailn bought him too. Paolo was the liabilty on that defense cause baresi and costacurta were solid.I have been watching ac milan for too long for you to tell me the opposite. Maldini came on later and was okay, but never ever would he EVER rival the great FRANCO BARESI or even COSTACURTA and only a "ronaldhino generation" ac milan fan would say something like that!!!!!