Jayson May

Jayson May


Atypical sports fan. I think with logic instead of my allegiances. I am Southern raised so my love for the sports teams in the South is palpable. I am a Braves fan who longs for the good ole days. I'm a Titans fan who wishes Fisher would change up a little. I'm a Cowboys fan because well...before the Titans came along the Cowboys essentially were our team in Nashville.
I'm a Vols fan who is getting worried we are not elite anymore. I'm a Hawks fan who is screaming for anybody but Bibby.

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  • A.J. DeMello posted 3091 days ago

    A.J. DeMello

    Derrick Burgess to be traded, or not? Find out what the Raiders options are with a little of my ideas mixed in as well...


  • Joel Barker posted 3103 days ago

    Joel Barker

    It is insanely long, but here is my UT season preview... Let me know what you think.


  • A.J. DeMello posted 3106 days ago

    A.J. DeMello

    JaMarcus Russell has a some people convinced he's a bust, and if not a good season is shown he should be labeled a "bust." Take a look why this will not be a make or break season for the former first overall pick (2007), and why...


  • A.J. DeMello posted 3122 days ago

    A.J. DeMello

    Kirk Morrison needs to step it up this year for the Raiders, as this could be a make or break year for him going into his fifth year. Is he overrated or is he the real deal?


  • A.J. DeMello posted 3134 days ago

    A.J. DeMello

    Is there an excuse left for Romo and the Cowboys as to why they can't win when it counts? No more excuses left:


  • A.J. DeMello posted 3139 days ago

    A.J. DeMello

    Greg Ellis has signed with Oakland. Is he close to done or will he make his presence known to a very questionable defensive front?


  • A.J. DeMello posted 3157 days ago

    A.J. DeMello

    Has Raiders owner Al Davis assembled the best coaching staff in Oakland since Jon Gruden? Find out, as this is will be my last article being evaluated by CBSSPORTS with a look at the 2009 Raiders coaching staff:


    Your thoughts and feedback are much appreciated.

  • Paul Peszko posted 3174 days ago

    Paul Peszko

    Thanks for the add, Jayson. I appreciate. I see by your jersey that you're a Lakers fan. Hang in there, but I think it may be too late. PJ has let them play inconsistently for too long, but then again, he doesn't seem to have the kind of energy that will energize these guys.