Carlos G Giron

Carlos G Giron


Carlos Giron, former director of Hispanic communications for Major League Soccer and media director for CONCACAF, is a versatile, bilingual, and experienced communications and marketing executive, and a freelance journalist.

Mr. Giron founded and manages, a new commentary and news web site focused on sports, fitness, and an active lifestyle. He also contributes to various sports news and commentary web sites, including

Carlos is a former editor and writer for The Jersey Journal, a news daily based in Jersey City, New Jersey, and former news writer with New York 1 News (a Time Warner company). His reports and articles have also appeared in various other publications, including USA Today, New York Newsday, sports magazines, Internet outlets and wire news service agency AFP. He has covered MLB, NBA, NFL, MLS, the U.S. Open (of tennis), professional boxing and other professional sporting events.

As part of his varied professional sports activities, Carlos served in two FIFA Organizing Delegations as FIFA Media Officer: the 1999 FIFA U-17 World Cup (New Zealand) and the 2002 FIFA World Cup (Japan/Korea).

In his spare time, Mr. Giron works with inner-city children helping to introduce them to journalism and marketing communications. His main objective is to inspire them to become voracious readers and solid writers, do well in school, and learn about careers in journalism and communications.

Carlos is a Queens, NY resident.


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  • Homer Simpson posted 2668 days ago

    Homer Simpson

    Just thought you might like to read this article on American's & soccer:

    You can find a link to the second part on my profile page.


  • Richard Bowler posted 2877 days ago

    Richard Bowler

    Kind of Silly but thought you might get a kick out of it.

  • Yoosof Farah posted 2878 days ago

    Yoosof Farah

    Hey Carlos,

    I apologise greatly for this mass, impersonal, selfish, egotistical plugging for reads, but I recently interviewed the first ever American to score for Arsenal, Danny Karbassiyoon. Shyam Parthasarathi interviewed him back in October 2008, and now he's making a B/R comeback as I grill him with even more questions! It's one of my best pieces of journalism to date in my view, please check it out if you have a spare moment.

    Many thanks,

  • Ash Marshall posted 2879 days ago

    Ash Marshall

    Hi Carlos,

    I just wrote a piece about the Winter Olympics. While it's centered around Team USA, I though you might enjoy reading it, especially considering you have blogged about winter sports in the past.

    I'd love to hear what you think.



  • Barney Corkhill posted 2889 days ago

    Barney Corkhill

    Hey Carlos,

    Yet another UWCC title match has been and gone, and Roma are STILL the Champions! This match included a sensational return to the goals for a World Cup winner and equal the biggest win of the season so far!

    It also look ahead to the mouth-watering Roma vs Juventus tie next weekend! A prediction competition, match report, and video highlights all in one place, what more could you want ;-)

    If that sales pitch didn't persuade you, could you just take a look for me please!

    PS. Don't forget to vote on the poll!

  • Oliver Suarez posted 2898 days ago

    Oliver Suarez

    i got full control of one of site it just started. if you are interested in contributing just hit me up...

  • King J posted 2899 days ago

    King J

    Hope this answers your questions!

  • Oliver Suarez posted 2900 days ago

    Oliver Suarez

    will be running a new site for me if you are interested in contributing..thanks

  • JW Nix posted 2902 days ago

    JW Nix

    Another ALMOST All-Time Team is up.
    This time it's the Cardinals :

  • Bryant Maxwell posted 2904 days ago

    Bryant Maxwell

    I am planning to do a Boxing rankings article every month, exclusively for B/R. But I need you and other respected writers help for the rankings process. I need you to send me your top ten rankings and I will compile them into one B/R rankings list. 10 points for the number one ranked boxer. 9 for the two number boxer. All the way down to one point for the number ten boxer on your list. I will compile the rankings into one of my articles and give credit to each writer who participated, and links to their pages. This will make sure for an unbiased rankings each month. Just send me your rankings if you are down.