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John Morgan

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Favorite sports and teams: MLB (since 1950, 1st sports interest): currently - Angels (since their creation), Cards (since 1920); historically - Pirates (1900-1980), Philadelphia Athletics (1900-1950), Brooklyn Dodgers (1950-1958). NCAA BB: currently - Duke (since 1977). historically - UCLA (1964-1973), NSU/UNLV (1966-1977),
Started following Duke BB casually in 1960 when I learned that my favorite MLB player Dick Groat was an All-American hoopster there. Became dedicated fan after 1977 when I saw how well Duke handled its NCAA problem compared to my alma mater UNLV's shameful collusive defense of Tarkanan's blatant cheating. Favorite team is still the '78 final 4 team with the front line of Mike Gminski, Gene Banks, and Kenny Dennard with Jim Spanarkle at the throttle.

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