Austin  Robinson

Austin Robinson


Hey, my name is Austin Robinson. I am currently a ninth grade homeschool student, who loves all things sports.

I enjoy watching the MLB, NFL, NBA, College Football, and College Basketball. My teams in those sports are the Baltimore Orioles, the Baltimore Ravens, the LA Clippers, the Florida Gators, and the MD Terps.

I also enjoy watching combat sports, such as the UFC. I have been watching MMA for about 4 years, and have witnessed some fantastic fights in my time.

My favorite fight will probably always be Dan Henderson vs Shogun Rua from UFC 139, when they just went at it for 5 rounds. My favorite fighter is Chael Sonnen, due to his utter hilariousness. Every time he talks, hilarity ensues.

But despite all of those fantastic sports, my passion is wrestling, WWE in specific. I've had the pleasure of watching WWE for about two and a half years. The first episode of Raw I ever watched was when the Miz cashed in his MiTB briefcase on Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship. Still being a mark, I was shocked and was immediately hooked.

Now, I consider myself to be a "smart" wrestling fan. Aside from WWE, I also watch TNA and ROH consistently.

I also write, podcast, and make YouTube videos for It is an amazing site for the best editorials, news, and podcasts on the web. Check it out, why don't ya?

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  • Austin Robinson posted 1780 days ago

    Austin  Robinson

    Thanks Josh. I became a fan of you. Thanks for reading my articles.

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    Josh Matt

    cool articles

  • Josh Matt posted 1780 days ago

    Josh Matt

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    Graham GSM Matthews

    No problem, man. Thanks for the support. It's greatly appreciated. Keep up the solid work.