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Graduate of Rutgers University with a BS in Exercise Science and Sports Studies.

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  • Whitney Olsen posted 2424 days ago

    Whitney Olsen

    Thanks for the edit on my first article.

  • Harold Friend posted 2424 days ago

    Harold Friend

    Thank you very much.

  • Andrew Norton posted 2426 days ago

    Andrew Norton

    Thanks a lot, Jimmy. Any idea what has to be done to get an article featured on this site? I was hoping this idea would generate some appeal.

  • Mark Lesko posted 2428 days ago

    Mark Lesko

    Thanks for the qucik edits Jimmy

  • Aaron Young posted 2430 days ago

    Aaron Young

    Thanks a lot for the edits, Jimmy!

  • Chris Humphrey posted 2435 days ago

    Chris Humphrey

    Thanks for the edit Jimmy

  • Brian Shannon posted 2437 days ago

    Brian Shannon

    Thanks for the edit, Jimmy.

  • Honor Warren Wells TheTorch posted 2440 days ago

    Honor Warren Wells TheTorch

    Thanks for the edit, Jimmy.

  • Jim Sheridan posted 2442 days ago

    Jim Sheridan

    Thanks for the edit Jimmy. Great job recruiting at Rutgers over the past couple of seasons!!!

  • Harold Friend posted 2443 days ago

    Harold Friend

    Thank you.