Lee Bergdall

Lee Bergdall


Born and raised a native Hoosier son, my family bestowed the Chicago Bears upon me at a young age. Back then, pulling for the Colts meant you were a Baltimore fan. I was fortunate enough to grow up watching Walter Payton's career unfold before my very eyes. His standard of excellence inspired me, and I still idolize the man they called "Sweetness" today. I jokingly tell people that the only thing I'm more passionate about than pool is football. The joke is I play & teach pool for a living! But it makes a very definitive statement at the same time..... Football drives me wild! It always has. I never missed a Bears game when I was younger. Just couldn't think of anything I'd rather be doing than watching Payton and my beloved Bears. As I got a little older, it became permissible to occasionally miss a game for work or a pretty girl.(never a playoff game mind you) I was in my early 20's when pool became a way of life for me, and soon after that my buddies got me involved with this thing they called fantasy football. There was no internet or mass publications on the news stands in those days, but we all knew we were on to something special. Playing a pick up game of football on the middle school field around the corner gave way to football parties in the fall. Originality became a strong suit for us due to having several creative minds in the group. As the years passed by and popularity surged, we refined "our great league" into what can only be described as fanatical. It's to the point now where it's a wonder any of us are still married if you know what I mean. The league commissioner told me his wife said "see ya in five months" as he left the house for draft day last year. That day inspired the subject matter for my first in a series of columns titled "The Audible" about football in general. Another weekly humorous rant developed later in the season that I enjoyed writing as well. Since this past season finished, I wrote two longer than column length articles and envisioned my fantasy football journal. I was wondering how I could share this new found passion outside of my league and the guys on the waiting list who hang out and participate in our madness. As fate would have it, just as it did with me growing up a Bears fan at a historical time- I stumbled into bleacher report while doing research for a 3rd off season article. Funny how things work out sometimes.

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  • Football Maniaxs posted 3171 days ago

    Football Maniaxs

    Hi Lee. Let me know when you have something.