Philip T Boosey

Philip T Boosey


I am in my early 20 and have been a fan of basketball for most of my life. I live in Orlando, Florida and most of my memories from my childhood when it comes to sports revolve around watching the Orlando Magic when they went to the finals.

I am still a huge Magic fan. But i also am now a fan of the NBA in general.

I will write mostly about the Magic, but starting recently I have been starting to watch Tennis, and NFL football, so I may write about them too.

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  • Onalee Carson posted 3542 days ago

    Onalee Carson

    It's me again...same problem as yesterday.

    Nice recap! I just tweaked both your teaser and your headline (followed the format for game recaps), formatted your paragraphs and numbers, and corrected some minor grammatical errors. Good work!

  • Onalee Carson posted 3543 days ago

    Onalee Carson

    Philip, the editor's feedback isn't working for me. I hope you don't mind if I post it on here, although feel free to delete it if you'd like.

    Nice article! I formatted your headline, paragraphs, and numbers to BR standards, but also tweaked your teaser and corrected some grammatical errors. Make sure everything checks out to your liking—good work!