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  • hi hi hi posted 1755 days ago

    hi hi hi

    You must not have heard of the notorious fat philly fan

  • Joel C. Cordes posted 1938 days ago

    Joel C.  Cordes

    Sixers podcast will debut on the Court Vision blog on Tuesday!

  • aaron bush posted 1942 days ago

    aaron bush

    when is your birthday where are from how old are you

  • dwayne harris posted 1942 days ago

    dwayne  harris

    are you the real micheal vick

  • Joel C. Cordes posted 1945 days ago

    Joel C.  Cordes

    Sixers podcast is probably coming out the last week of August or the first week of September. I'm not usually a Philly guy, but I'm pretty pumped to talk about this team as well!

  • Eric Sales posted 1948 days ago

    Eric Sales

    it's not the real MV7 he went to VA aka ACC why would he select the SEC cmon people plus what pro footballer would post over 750 comments on a freakn fake news site like this ? lol

  • Nick Ponzio posted 1963 days ago

    Nick Ponzio

    Why don't you like Doug Collins?

  • Michael Fogliano posted 1975 days ago

    Michael  Fogliano

    Thanks for the suggestion, man! I'll definitely try to publish an article like that sometime next week.

  • Jeremy Bosembo posted 2012 days ago

    Jeremy Bosembo

    is this the real michael vick ? if it is i'm a big fan of you, and i live in gambia, west africa, i wish you luck for the next season. you're awesome!!!

  • Baily Deeter posted 2027 days ago

    Baily Deeter

    Michael, thanks for the comment on my article. If this is the real Michael Vick, good luck in the fall!