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Currently attending Northern Kentucky University for a BA in Political Science along with a minor in Creative Writing and Sports Business. I am the first member of my family to attend college. Before graduating from Fairfield High School in June 2009, I knew that politics was my calling. The way our Government was created and how it is run is amazing to study up on but what I really love about politics is campaigns and elections. I love the fast pace competitive sports like nature that comes with campaigns, the polls, the lies, the attack ads and finally election night where you will find me glued to the television watching the results come in. Election Day is my Christmas.

I was born in Hamilton, Ohio but have never lived there. I grew up in the town across from Hamilton, Fairfield. I am amazed by how different I turned out living in a small rural town in Butler County, about 25 minutes outside of Cincinnati. I went against the trend and still continue to this day, I love originality and have never been a follower. I am liberal in one of the most conservative areas in the country. I pulled for the New York Giants while my whole high school jeered me and rooted on the New England Patriots (I was all smile that Monday morning after Giants shocked the world). I Listen to They Might Be Giants while everyone else obeyed the radio DJs, drive a Mini Cooper in a sea full of Trucks and SUVs and wear sports jerseys everyday while the rest dressed the trend.

I dorm at NKU and in my four years at the University I have served on the Student Government Association twice. First was by appointment in January 2011 and the second time was in March 2012 when I was elected a Senator with 207 votes. As a Senator I worked with University Improvements to pass a bill that will expand the current campus REC Center to double it's current size. I have also wrote for The Northerner, the campus newspaper. I am currently trying to get a radio show on Norse Code Radio which will be hosted by me and should launch on NCR site in fall 2012.

I took a trip in July 2007 with my family that forever changed me. We toured Niagara Falls, Washington D.C, New Jersey and Philadelphia, but the game changer was the three day visit to New York City.

I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when I was six months old with a 50% survival rate. After over a year at Cincinnati Children's Hospital I beat the terrible disease and have been cancer free for over twenty years. I do suffer from a very slight hearing loss from the chemotherapy but I am blessed that is the only side effect I experienced. Life is a gift and I am thankful to be here today.

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