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  • Goutham Chakravarthi posted 3030 days ago

    Goutham Chakravarthi


    I have tried to put the cricket under the knife in my latest.

    Please give it a read if interested. Of course, any feedback welcome :)


  • Spinalmanu the First posted 3454 days ago

    Spinalmanu the First

    Jason, the reason I flagged your comment was not because of the objection. It was because of the cuss words. I want to have a standard on my pages which allows for any and all dissenting opinions, but no filthy language.

    Thank you for understanding.

  • Rodge Correa posted 3457 days ago

    Rodge Correa

    Hey Jason -

    Check out my article


    Tell me what you think

  • Andrew Barry posted 3511 days ago

    Andrew Barry

    Hey man just wrote an article on Sth Africa v Wales, leave a comment on what u think


  • Sean Kelly posted 3517 days ago

    Sean Kelly


    I've noticed you've wrote a few Rugby articles, and as I am trying to get the rugby page going with a regular input. I was hoping you could put a few more forward. As your opinion would be very appreciated.



  • chris oliver posted 3561 days ago

    chris oliver

    Really enjoy your articles on the childhood of NBA players, keep them coming.

  • Zander Freund posted 3564 days ago

    Zander Freund

    Hey Jason,

    This is Zander Freund, Bleacher Report's Content and Community Director.

    I went ahead and deleted this comment as it violates our Terms of Use: "what a piece of shit of an article. your a one eyed prick who cant admit that kobe is one of the top 10 players to ever play. I know he has done stupid stuff off the court but his personal life has nothing to do with weather he wins the mvp award or not."

    Please refrain from using profanity and making personal attacks in the threads.


  • Michael Whittenberg posted 3584 days ago

    Michael Whittenberg

    Thanks for the add.