Iron Sheik

Iron Sheik


Am here because I am a wrestling fan.

I like real sports too, not just sports entertainment. Really into rock climbing, surfing, skating (even though I'm terrible at it) and crazy arse snow skiing. Pretty much anything that involves a great risk of dying somehow... how morbid lol

And I do not consider horse racing or golf real sports. With horse racing, I'm all for getting whipped if it's consensual between adults, but the horses don't ask for it. And if they're not good enough, they go to McDonald's. How rude.

And golf... worst sport ever. I do not classify it as a real game. Don't let me get started on that one!

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  • Sports Lover posted 1737 days ago

    Sports Lover

    Hi Iron

  • Duncan - Hardcore Legend posted 1911 days ago

    Duncan - Hardcore Legend

    I know there's loads of them! The dude that does JBL is this best, always gets a chuckle out of me.

  • Alfred Konuwa posted 1950 days ago

    Alfred Konuwa

    Thanks Sheiky, I appreciate the positive feedback! I do remember your Barry Stevens rant, he was very popular in the comment section that day. I believe I was writing about Ryback, but Stevens definitely stole the show.

  • James Hammond posted 1952 days ago

    James Hammond

    Cheers man, appreciate it :)

    It looks like for now "his" work has stopped, possibly banned. Happy days!!!

  • Bryan Danielson posted 1952 days ago

    Bryan Danielson

    THANK YOU! Golf does suck

  • Gary Rose posted 1966 days ago

    Gary Rose

    Haha cheers, I'm torn between not reading his articles and reading them and bringing him down a few notches

    Can I ask what it was that got you banned? Hell it'll give me a chance to make a more creative username haha the guy is ridiculous for that...some people have been banned more times by Watry and his minions than Ric Flair has won world titles

  • Leonardo Splinter posted 1967 days ago

    Leonardo Splinter

    thanks for becoming a fan!

  • Duncan - Hardcore Legend posted 1967 days ago

    Duncan - Hardcore Legend

    lol, well just let me know if you need any backup flagging anything..I've been flagging all his articles that dont mention Benoit, that does my tits in!!

  • Duncan - Hardcore Legend posted 1969 days ago

    Duncan - Hardcore Legend

    hey, what did you do to get banned?

  • Simon Mulatay posted 1970 days ago

    Simon Mulatay

    Thanks for the fan add.