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Let’s see here. I’m a history major and just finished my internship with Bleacher Report, which was great. Now I am a featured columnist for the Indiana Pacers.

My first love is the NBA, although I follow the NFL, College Football and College Basketball pretty thoroughly as well.

My favorite teams for football (soccer) are the San Jose Earthquakes and the Brighton and Hove Albion (Random shout-out to Brighton).

For the NFL, it has and will always be the Titans. Enter my childhood room and you will find dual painted walls, featuring Titans dark and light blue (sorry dad, must have been a pain to paint) along with as much memorabilia as I could find.

College football I follow Stanford, because I live nearby and my school has no team. Basketball, Duke is my one and only. I do love some Coach K.

For the NBA, I would consider myself a pretty serious Celtics fan, although I will watch any game that’s on. I also have found myself really enjoying Pacers basketball lately, and have been to some Warriors games.

Anyways, I love sports and writing about them is one of my favorite things to do. Follow me @RareedBR!

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  • Denny Coates posted 1866 days ago

    Denny Coates

    What are you talking about? Right now Duke has 19 former players on NBA rosters. Does any program have more? What are you talking about? Right now 19 former Duke players are on NBA rosters. http://basketball.realgm.com/ncaa/conferences/Atlantic_Coast_Conference/1/Duke/31/NBA_Players