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Rick Eymer

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My high school teachers were always pulling the sports page out of hands during class ( I swear, there's a picture of it in one of my yearbooks!) and telling me I would never amount to anything. That was before I realized mathematics is just of bunch of statistics and English was more than a boring subject.
Having no physical talent for any sport, I became team manager, eagerly detailing every nuance of every play and recording it for history. That led to some free-lance work covering high school sports in the 1980s and eventually to a career that has taken me from Little League to the World Series.
I have been on the sports staff at the San Mateo Times, Palo Alto Weekly and Associated Press. Funny, I still enjoy the free-lance gigs too, like writing for mlb.com, the San Jose Mercury-News, and assorted assignments for newspapers around the country.
I can't think of anything I would rather do.

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