Eric Holt

Eric Holt


I was born in Houston, Texas, but have lived in the Philadelphia area since I have had a long term memory (about 4 years old). My youth revolved around sports, and like most young ball players, all I wanted to be was a pro athlete. Maybe I had the tools, maybe not, either way the decisions I made took me away from that path.

I have had extensive experience in all the major American sports during my life. I played sports year round, whether it was soccer and/or football in the fall, basketball or indoor soccer in winter, and baseball in travel leagues/school/American Legion in the spring and summer.

Today I live with my fiancee and daughter, yet after the two women in my life, sports are what I live for. The older I get, the more thoroughly I dive into the strategy of sports, and the more I want to learn about them. So here I am.

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