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James Garrison Jr.

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James Garrison Jr. was born on June 14th 1988 in the small town of Red Bank in Monmouth County, NJ. He graduated from Middletown High School North and now attends Brookdale Community College majoring in Communications & Journalism. He is the definition of an entrepreneur. He aspires to become a Sports Writer, due to his endless knowledge, insight, ideas and views on sports that keep people wanting to read more and more, A Sports Broadcaster, due to his great personality and very original flare he puts on talking about sports in front of the camera to keep viewers peeled to what interesting thing will come from his mouth next, A Football or Baseball Coach at Any Level, due to his mastermind ways when it comes to game planning, prepping, inventive ways, and confidence it takes to lead a team to the top, and his many other wishes outside of sports he would like to accomplish. He has the humor to make people laugh, the deep, influential prowess of being able to strike home with the public to make you cry, the interesting and inventive ideas to make you think outside the box, and most importantly the drive and love for sports to make you feel as if your reading and/or talking to someone who not only truly knows what he is talking about, but also loves it. He has done work for the Lakewood Blue Claws, the Philadelphia Phillies Minor League Affiliate, as a Field Reporter, interviewing players during warm-ups, in the dugout before and after the game, and color commentary during it. His personality and ability to perform in areas it takes to succeed as not only a writer, being personable, but as a TV and/or Radio Sports Broadcaster, being able to control the attention on screen and have an irreplaceable TV presence, are essential ingredients to his hope of one day being a household name when sports discussions come up. He bleeds and breathes sports like no other. Many people know sports, talk sports, coach sports and love sports. But James is one of the few that can claim they not only know and do all of those things, but do them with 100% dedication to excellence and accuracy. It's his life and the second you speak to him, read his articles, see him on TV, or bring him in for an interview, you can feel it after the first word comes from his mouth. Right now he is up and coming and just looking for his first big shot. The second he gets it there is no looking back for this young man. Anyone looking for a writer, a coach, a TV correspondent or even a writer for a public website, please contact this profile. It's not any amount of money he looks for when it comes to being involved in this field, it is truly just his love the sports, how it makes each and every day a little easier to get through and take your mind off things, and how it feels to amaze people each and everyday with his talent and hard work.

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