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Sheila Bozeman

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Hi everyone, I'm Sheila and I am addicted to sports. Many people would say better to be addicted to sports than drugs or alcohol, at least sports won't kill you (or at least it's less likely). I think many times it makes others want to kill me though.... I have been told that I probebly bleed basketball, which is fine by me, but it makes some relationships in my real life a little strained. I am definatly a 'guy's girl', I don't have a bunch of yappy girls around me talking about stupid stuff like make-up and clothes. Instead I prefer to be around people who talk sports, know about sports, care about what is happening in sports and so on. For these reasons I guess I tend to get along better with guys, that is until they realize I might know more than they do, especially about basketball, and then they run, because afterall what guy wants his opinions to be crushed by a girl that knows more than him...

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