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  • Phil Keidel posted 32 days ago

    Phil Keidel

    Adel, I have no doubt that Aguero and Jovetic could do what you describe but I do not see it happening. First off, there is no way I would mess with Aguero's positioning -- he is basically scoring a goal a game the way they use him now. The 4-5-1 they used with Aguero out last year is sort of what you describe anyway, but Jovetic doesn't really fit in that formation too well. Above all, the main obstacle here is Pellegrini's love of the 4-4-2 when he has two healthy strikers. But it would be fun to see them try what you suggested.

  • Adel Janevic posted 32 days ago

     Adel  Janevic

    Hey Phil, I just wanted to ask you something. Do you think that Aguero and Jovetic would be capable of playing on the wings in a 4-2-3-1? If they are, then that would leave City with enough depth to regularly use this formation because it would be Dzeko/Negredo up top and two of Aguero/Jovetic/Navas/Milner on the wings with Nasri/Silva in the hole. Is this a possibility?

  • Paulus Romulus posted 253 days ago

    Paulus Romulus

    Good article about Edin and then Edin get perfect 10 after your funny and jeleus article.One question do ,are u rag ? If u are i can get why u write write such a crap article about player in first 10 players goals per min ratio ,and did u watch game last night ?! p
    Perfect 10 Edin and Beast .. Real observer u are , at list i know to not waste time on your crap here.Where are all sports jurnalist gone who write without personal shit in article .I did not like Inzagi ever but i was thinking that he was the worst striker via control the ball and technical ability but never ever would i say let alone write shite u write about guy who won Title with Wolfsburg in Germany , that is like Hull win it here and by all statistic hes more then great for third striker and u write that crap.And few days after him and Negredo look like machine.At list u could when u write something check the stats.

  • ASD DR posted 259 days ago

    ASD DR

    As a Philly fan, you are a disgrace. Terrible sports writing, and would like to get 15 mins back I spent reading 5 of your articles.

  • Phil Keidel posted 261 days ago

    Phil Keidel

    Kanye, I did not see your message(s) until now. I don't get too far down my own profile too often. Anyway, if you come back to this spot, my answer to your question is that Messi is probably not going to leave Barcelona to go to Manchester City. He might go to United. Much bigger brand. All things being equal, though, he will probably just stay at Barcelona. Why does he really need to leave?

  • Kanye West posted 261 days ago

    Kanye  West

    un fan you

  • Kanye West posted 261 days ago

    Kanye  West

    For me, this is the worst writer I've met..
    He read my message but didn't reply..damn so lazy

  • Kanye West posted 268 days ago

    Kanye  West

    Hey PHIL! Why didn't you reply to my message? Why u so damn lazy?!huh

  • Kanye West posted 269 days ago

    Kanye  West

    Hey Phil! Pablo Zabaleta has said that Messi had "asked a lot about City" when the pair were on international duty.. What'd u think?Is it possible Messi want to leave barca and join City?

    Answer me Phil!

  • Phil Keidel posted 286 days ago

    Phil Keidel

    The Bards is home to the local MCFC Supporters Club. I have also heard good things about Fado and Tir Na Nog. With young kids and their weekend activities I do not get downtown to watch matches too often but I did make it to Bards for the Swansea match.

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