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  • The Doctor Chris Mueller posted 1729 days ago

    The Doctor Chris Mueller

    You're Damn right it's awesome! I am glad it is catching on more.

    I know a lot of people write it off because of how ridiculous it can be, but that is what makes it so unique as well.

  • Matt Overing posted 1909 days ago

    Matt Overing

    That's very good news for Kentucky.

  • curt rath posted 1953 days ago

    curt rath

    Former Kentucky high school basketball player that were drafted in the first round of the NBA draft,Wes Unseld
    Darrell Griffith
    Jack Givens
    Jeff Lamp
    Rex Chapman
    Allan Houston
    Derek Anderson
    Winston Bennett
    Dave Cowens
    Scott Padgett
    Melvin Turpin
    Frank Ramsey
    Felton Spencer
    Frank Selvy
    Kelly Coleman
    Butch Beard
    Wesley Cox
    Cliff Hagen
    Jeff Mullins
    Clem Haskins
    Wah Wha Jones
    All were 1st round draft picks that palyed high school basketball in Kentucky

  • Matt Overing posted 1954 days ago

    Matt Overing

    Hey, sorry for getting back to you a bit late. Keith Clanton is a hoss... that's the best way to describe him. He's big on the boards, boxes out and can finish through contact.

    Not the best shooter, but UK doesn't need a shooter... UK needs a thick body down low that can rebound. He'd be that guy.

  • Matt Overing posted 1960 days ago

    Matt Overing

    Article on Torian Graham is up. Lemme know what you think!

  • . . posted 1982 days ago

    . .

    Thanks Joshua, it's unfortunate the lack of appreciation Tim Duncan still gets after such an illustrious career.

    He is truly one of the greatest of all-time. I personally have him top-10.

  • Paul Ables posted 1983 days ago

    Paul Ables

    Hey man, I really appreciate your comment. It is great to know that I have the support of you and BBN on this site! As for the article in question, I'm pretty sure that I know which one you are talking about it and it's not an easy situation to handle. I believe the situation has been pretty well diffused, and there is nothing you can do about people that just blindly hate with no regard for actual facts or logic. But it does make for entertaining posts! Haha

    Anyway, thanks again for the support and keep reading about the Cats!

  • Matt Overing posted 1988 days ago

    Matt Overing

    Haha thanks. Glad you're a part of the Kentucky Basketball community here on B/R!

  • Matt Overing posted 1988 days ago

    Matt Overing

    It was "most memorable" for all the wrong reasons, haha!