Kat Gray

Kat Gray

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I am a lifelong fan of the SF Giants and 49ers. I'm a loyal fan of the Cal Football team, but enjoy following the college football leaders too. I'm anticipating a huge surge in the Cal Football program with the opening of our completely retrofitted and renovated Memorial stadium opening in September. See you out there on gamedays!

I'm a member of the B/R team for the summer and get to be a part of the future of sports news (as quoted by Mary Meeker) and a creative and unique sports reporting environment. I'm excited to witness B/R's continued success as I plan B/R's marketing plan for college campuses across the country.

Leave me a comment or email me at kgray@bleacherreport.com if you have any questions or want to have a say in where Bleacher Report travels for College Football Gamedays this fall!