Rob James

Rob James


First Wrestling memory...... Seeing Kane (masked) coming down the ramp when i was about 9.

Second Wrestling memory.... Kurt Angle on commentary saving The Rock from a beat down... Although that might not be true.

Big Wrestling Start..... TNA about 2006 waking up at 7am for basketball camp everyday, Genesis was being shown an hour at a time on Bravo. about 6 months later TNA started being shown weekly. I remember taping the PPV's on VHS because I had school in the morning.

Big WWE Start.... September 2011. I know it's late but I never had the sports package until then. I did watch WWE Experience but stopped because I liked to sleep in.

Favourite Current Wrestler.... CM Punk
Favourite Legend Wrestler... Stone Cold Steve Ausin

Worst Current Wrestler......... Khali
Worst Legend Wrestler........ Hulk Holgan (right time right place, just not great in the ring)