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Gagan Singh is, simply put, a walking basketball almanac. His knowledge of the NBA is only matched by very few experts being paid ridiculous amounts of money by the major TV networks and by his ridiculously long beard.

In between his part-time job and his full time job as a Business Marketing student, Gagan Singh finds the time to write about the NBA and the sporting world in general on a daily basis.

He currently resides in Toronto, Ontario and is a big fan of the Toronto Raptors and the Los Angeles Lakers. Although he supports all of Toronto's sports franchises, his heart will forever belong to the Raptors. Living in Canada has given him the freedom to adopt the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as his NFL franchise.

Gagan Singh has been known to be very blunt and cares very little for what other have to say about him. He says what he wants, how he wants and when he wants. Political correctness is not something he believes in. Also, he will forever refer to Vince Carter was "Wince" due to the fact he lost all respect for Wince for what he did to his beloved Raptors.

One of his greatest moments came last year after him and his friends were featured on the cover of the Toronto Star newspaper following The Raptors first playoff game in years.

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  • Dildeep Singh posted 3548 days ago

    Dildeep Singh

    yooo gugzzz...your hot

  • Dildeep Singh posted 3552 days ago

    Dildeep Singh

    BOOOYAAA we was on the star front page!!!!!!!!