1. Brett Hundley Ranks High on UCLA Coordinator Noel Mazzone's List

    The last word -- possibly -- on quarterback Brett Hundley's career at UCLA comes from offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone...

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  2. UCLA Football: Bruins' Top Remaining Recruiting Targets for NSD 2015

    With a 2015 recruiting class currently ranked second in the Pac -12 and No. 15 in the nation , there is cause for UCLA football to celebrate on next month's national signing day...

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  3. Linebacker Zach Whitley Leaves UCLA After Month of Uncertainty

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  4. UCLA Football: Recruits Who Will Fill Bruins' Biggest Needs

    With about a month until national signing day on Feb. 4, the UCLA football program is sitting pretty in terms of fulfilling needs on the roster with its current recruiting class...

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  5. UCLA Football: What Bruins Must Do to Compete in Tougher Pac-12

    For UCLA football, the task of competing in a changing Pac -12 landscape is a challenging proposition. When Jim Mora was hired as head coach before the 2012 season, the conference was in a state of flux...

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  6. UCLA Football: 5 Takeaways from Bruins' Bowl Game

    At times, the UCLA football team looked very impressive in its 40-35 victory over the Kansas State Wildcats in the 2015 Valero Alamo Bowl. There were multiple takeaways from the contest —both from a positive and negative perspective...

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  7. Jim Mora: 'I Love Coaching the UCLA Bruins'

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  8. Why Jim Mora Would Be a Fool to Leave UCLA for the Jets

    It's probably a whole lot of nothing now. That much deserves to be stated right away. Before 2014 came to an end, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News tweeted that ...

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  9. UCLA Football: The Biggest Offseason Storylines for the Bruins

    The storylines for UCLA football’s 2015 season might look quite a bit different than a year ago at this time. UCLA embarked on 2014 with lofty expectations—both internally and externally...

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  10. Jim Mora Appears to Delete His Twitter Account

    After all the brouhahaha over a bizarre post-game exchange with Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder and a subsequent Tweet, it appears that UCLA head coach Jim Mora's Twitter profiled has been deleted...

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  11. Gamechanger: Bruins hold off Wildcats

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  12. Jim Mora, Bill Snyder Share Tense Handshake After UCLA's Alamo Bowl Win

    Kansas State Coach Bill Snyder looked perplexed following UCLA's 40-35 victory in the Alamo Bowl on Friday...

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  13. Paul Perkins' Leadership Will Help UCLA Be Under-the-Radar Contender in 2015

    Running back Paul Perkins’ crucial contributions in No. 14-ranked UCLA’s 2014 season finale—a 40-35 defeat of No. 11 Kansas State in Friday’s Alamo Bowl—set the tone for the Bruins’ 2015 campaign...

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  14. UCLA Football: 5 New Year's Resolutions for the Bruins

    With the new year upon us, Jim Mora and the UCLA football team will be looking to make a list of resolutions for 2015...

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  15. UCLA Center Jake Brendel Will Return for Senior Season

    UCLA center Jake Brendel has requested an NFL draft evaluation, but said Wednesday that he will definitely return to play his senior season.....

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