1. UCLA Guard Alex Redmond and Linebacker Kenny Orjioke Miss Practice

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  2. UCLA Makes Big Changes to Its Student Section

    UCLA's Pauley Pavilion -- which, in case you forgot, was temporarily drenched after a water line busted and soaked the lower level of the building in late July -- is looking to increase its home-court intimidation factor...

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  3. UCLA Basketball: Breaking Down the Bruins' Nonconference Schedule

    Now that UCLA has released its official schedule for the 2014-15 season, it’s time to unleash the analysis and predictions. On par with past seasons, the Bruins’ nonconference slate doesn’t feature very many challenges early on...

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  4. Report: Octeus Denied Admission to UCLA

    Former CSU point guard Jon Octeus has been denied admission to UCLA, a source close to the situation told the Coloradoan.....

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  5. Check out UCLA's Pac-12 Tournament Champion Rings

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  6. Pauley Pavilion Court to Be Ready in Early October

    Pauley Pavilion is expected to be ready for use by Oct. 10, as the installation of the basketball court continues daily.....

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  7. UCLA Basketball, a Force to Be Reckoned with

    UCLA basketball will have a completely different look next season. Off-season changes have both added and subtracted to the roster and in turn, the structure of the team...

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