1. Tyson Alualu in the game at fullback on 3rd-and-short. Toby Gerhart gets first down. #Jaguars

  2. Fullback Tyson Alualu with a nice tackle behind the line.

  3. “I don’t think anyone wants to get in his way when he’s coming full-head-of-steam at him.” - Gerhart on Alualu at FB.https://t.co/zhKTR3hQj4

  4. Jaguars DL coach Todd Wash tells http://t.co/uQq88ucGVP the plan is for Tyson Alualu to play 3-technique early in season. ...


  6. Tyson Alualu is the grittiest player on the #Jaguars and we don’t care who knows it. http://t.co/jTTGZ2nvrE http://t.co/mrAha647K7

  7. Working out for #Jaguars (which likely means not playing): Odrick, Joeckel, Beadles, Wisniewski, Alualu, Miller, Clemons, Parnell ...

  8. Expect list of Jaguars sitting to be looong Thu: Parnell, Wiz, Linder, Alualu, Joeckel among those working out now. Usually means won[t play

  9. More #Jaguars inactives: Hurns, Lewis, Clemons, Branch, P. Thompson, Alualu, Miller and Marks. Hope the third string is well conditioned.

  10. Tyson Alualu with a first-down reception ... 3 yards ... #Jaguars

  11. Geez. Bortles passes to DE Tyson Alualu for 3-yd gain and 1st down on 3rd & 1.

  12. The Freight Train Tyson Alualu catches a 3-yard pass on third and 1 for Jaguars.

  13. Wow! Play-action pass to FB Alualu for 3 yds. first down. Like the ingenuity. #Jaguars

  14. Jaguars DT Tyson Alualu now has more catches than TEs Julius Thomas & Marcedes Lewis

  15. BIG MAN FIRST DOWN! Tyson Alualu gets the catch out of the fullback position. https://t.co/T38c7PZfK9

  16. Historic catch: #Jaguars DT Tyson Alualu is the first defensive player in franchise history to register a reception (3-yard catch).

  17. Really stupid penalty by Tyson Alualu.

  18. Bad penalty there on Tyson Alualu. Tipped pass, then drew 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

  19. Catches through two games Tyson Alualu: 1 #Jaguars TEs: 0

  20. Jaguars DE Tyson Alualu says Jaguars want to own the division but blew their chance to do it today. http://t.co/k2bEIRTctc

  21. Jaguars DT Roy Miller and DE Tyson Alualu chatting pre-game. Miller is a former Buc. http://t.co/XLpF4MGKFY

  22. Jaguars had DE Tyson Alualu in as a fullback on that third down. Tony McDaniel offsides for Jacksonville first down ...

  23. Coverage sack there for deefense. Manuel can't gind anybody open, Alualu gets sack. #Jaguars

  24. Alualu sack in 5.41 seconds. #Jaguars

  25. Watch as @bigdavis813, @JustAB3, @98ChrisSmith and @SergioBrown38 try to pronounce Tyson Alualu's son's middle name. https://t.co/ojahoFL6a5

  26. Alualu recovers Flacco fumble off sack. #Jaguars get their third turnover.

  27. #Jaguars strip Flacco on sack and recover ball at own 41. Telvin with the strip-sack, Alualu recovers.

  28. Flacco is sacked and fumbles, recovered in midair by Alualu. Jags take over at JAX41 #RavensTalk

  29. #Jaguars inactives: RB Banyard, RB Pierce, CB Marshall, OL Bowanko, TE Jacobs, DT Bennett, DE Smith. Alualu starting at DT for Marks.

  30. Tyson Alualu will start at three-technique defensive tackle for Sen'Derrick Marks. #Jaguars

  31. “You’ll see Abry [Jones], Tyson [Alualu], and Roy [Miller].” — #Jaguars HC Gus Bradley on who will play interior defensive line

  32. Abry Jones on sack and forced fumble, Tyson Alualu on recovery for #Jaguars. #RavensTalk

  33. Looked like Tyson Alualu forced Joe Flacco up in the pocket -- LB Telvin Smith forces fumble. Alualu recovers at Jaguars 41.

  34. And FB Tyson Alualu recovers a Joe Flacco fumble! https://t.co/tRw2DCqvCa https://t.co/JLWyDC5Tg2

  35. So proud of my wife for doing an awesome job today. Our son Tyten Alualu blessed this earth with his presence early this morning 10/28/2015. Born 8lbs 15oz 21in. #GodsBlessingnumber4