1. Coach Hill talking with @DrewLock23 before he puts #Mizzou on the board. https://t.co/zKYkBfAMk7

  2. Three-and-out thanks to #DLineZou! Touchback gives #Mizzou the ball at the 20 after the timeout. https://t.co/Ao6Gui3m5O

  3. FINAL: Tennessee 19, #Mizzou 8. Tigers at Arkansas Friday afternoon. #MIZvsTENN https://t.co/Iye7z4AuzV

  4. Connor McGovern and Evan Boehm carry Gary Pinkel from the middle of the field to the end zone on their shoulders.

  5. Despite the 19-8 loss to Tennessee, Missouri players carried Gary Pinkel on their shoulders to the end zone.... https://t.co/nttwHS3zyk

  6. For 15 years of memories on this field, #ThanksGP https://t.co/445ItxRnTV

  7. Cool to see Gary Pinkel get carried off the field by his players in final Mizzou home game.

  8. Vols send Gary Pinkel out with loss in final game at Faurot Field https://t.co/nYc04kE62f

  9. Missouri players carry coach Gary Pinkel off the field in final home game https://t.co/BwipO6sG1S

  10. Missouri fans go shirtless on chilli Columbia evening to salute coach Gary Pinkel! https://t.co/7dGifXK526 https://t.co/5eApcZYfR6

  11. Evan Boehm on Gary Pinkel saying Pinkel let the team down: "I told him 'don't ever say that again.'"

  12. Gary Pinkel ends his career 67-27 at Memorial Stadium.

  13. Tennessee hands Missouri's Gary Pinkel loss in his final home game https://t.co/YcyPJxiSIg #CFB

  14. Gary Pinkel gets standing ovation in home finale https://t.co/LVa8ISFkJN https://t.co/UQsTTQXQOF

  15. Classy Gary Pinkel sign from a #Vols fan tonight here in Columbia… https://t.co/EhhS4DEPQA

  16. No storybook home finale for Gary Pinkel as Tennessee beats Mizzou. #Hokies can relate.

  17. The paper: "I didn't want it to end like this." Tennessee sends Gary Pinkel out with 19-8 loss in final home game- https://t.co/2dSWp7riiI

  18. #Mizzou plays Arkansas Friday on @SEConCBS at 1:30 (CT) in Fayetteville! #MIZ https://t.co/li6KMCjJuw

  19. NOTES/DEPTH: #Mizzou, Arkansas Renew Battle Line Rivalry Presented by Shelter Insurance® https://t.co/oQ5En526XA https://t.co/LxGYDcZjah

  20. New at STLtoday: Need a football coach? Go to the AAC. Plus, Tom Herman on Mizzou AD and more https://t.co/mnRM2GKKcX

  21. We're gathered for the final Gary Pinkel regular-season Monday press conference. Starts at 2:30. Tweets to follow.

  22. LIVE at 2:30: @GaryPinkel Weekly Press Conference [https://t.co/AnonjMQn30]

  23. GP: We're playing a very good football team. Explosive on offense, QB's playing on a whole different level. Defensively, young but athletic.

  24. GP on the young offensive players the new coach will inherit: You'll see guys playing at a whole different level. They've got huge upside.

  25. GP, on why coaches should consider #Mizzou a destination job: Well, I considered it a destination job. (1/2)

  26. Pinkel making his sales pitch for the Mizzou job. "You want someone who's committed to staying here and not in 2-3 years going somewhere."

  27. GP (2/2): I think someone's going to come in and take it to a whole different level. Mack's going to make a good decision.

  28. GP: I can't tell you how many letters and emails I've gotten from fans who are cancer survivors. Amazing how supportive people have been.

  29. GP on early-entry draftees: At the end of the day, you want to do what's best for them. NFL has changed evaluation process, made better.

  30. Pinkel says Mizzou could have gone to younger O-linemen sooner than last two weeks

  31. GP on message to recruits: I told all of them to keep their options open, but that they also owe it to the new coach to meet with him.

  32. GP on the Arkansas game: I really think it's going to grow into a big, big rivalry.

  33. Gary Pinkel said interesting things. We typed them as quickly as we could- https://t.co/DHOmPvcvJa.

  34. Here's the whole Gary Pinkel quote on getting carried off the field: https://t.co/tldHzTvIpw

  35. A note: the last time Gary Pinkel was just "Joe Schmuck" walking around was when he was in Europe for his honeymoon over the summer.

  36. “Grumpy” Gary Pinkel appreciates fond farewell, discusses post-coaching plans https://t.co/dKlqF8f8xt

  37. #MizzouMediaDay - @GaryPinkel talks Arkansas on shortened week: https://t.co/zsIIXY4Ocj #MIZ https://t.co/lHFCDMY86g

  38. Great Tuesday practice in #TheZOU in preparation for Arkansas. GP https://t.co/9nCy2NHdWP

  39. #FAMILY