1. Turkey Beat Kazakhstan 1-0 in Euro Qualifier

    Kevin Driscoll Written by Kevin Driscoll about 1 month ago 11 reads 0 comments

  2. Turkish Football Fan Tries to Sneak 24 Beers into a Match, Fails

    Beers at football stadiums can be expensive; in England, you are not even allowed to have a view of the pitch while drinking one. So while we, of course, would never condone it, we can see the logic in trying to sneak a few into a football match...

    Sean Fay Written by Sean Fay about 6 months ago 3,810 reads 2 comments

  3. How a Ticketing System Is Ripping the Soul out of Turkish Soccer

    When one thinks of soccer in Turkey, the first thing that would come to mind is the passion of the fans. The fans in Turkey have the reputation for being some of the craziest in Europe...

    Eric Drobny Written by Eric Drobny about 10 months ago 37 reads 0 comments