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  14. #BlueJays B2: Colabello 6-3; Tulowitzki F9; Martin F9. 5-0 KC to T3. Hosmer-Morales-Moustakas due for #Royals. #MLB #ALCS

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  25. #Royals T2: Hosmer F7; Morales 4-3; Moustakas K. 0-0 to B2. Encarnacion-Colabello-Tulowitzki due for #BlueJays. #MLB #ALCS

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  30. Troy Tulowitzki just cleared the bases with a double. Haven't heard the Rogers Centre much loudre than this.

  31. Tulowitzki with a three-run double to center field off Kelvin Herrera to bust this game open. 5-0 #BlueJays

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  34. TULOOOOO Troy Tulowitzki clears 'em all, 3-run double giving the @BlueJays the 5-0 lead over the Royals in the 6th. #ALCSonFS1 #postseason

  35. First pitch swinging, Troy Tulowitzki sends 98 mph into gap to clear bases, #BlueJays lead #Royals 5-0

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  37. Tulowitzki Says He Is 'Not Pain-Free'

  38. Tulowitzki clears the bases with a double to the wall in left-centre. #BlueJays up 5-0.

  39. TULOWITZKI! 5-0 #BlueJays and the Dome is rocking!! https://t.co/LWTbzGQr16

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  42. Tulowitzki delivers biggest hit since joining #Bluejays with 3-run double for 5-0 lead

  43. TROY TULOWITZKI! Bases clearing double giving the @BlueJays the 5-0 lead over the Royals in the 6th #ALCSonFS1 #postseason

  44. Tulo: "I think there's a possibility I could play. We'll see. Don't hold me to that, I still have to talk to Gibby." #BlueJays

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  46. Tulo clears the bases! Troy Tulowitzki doubles to break the game open and Blue Jays take a 5-0 lead over Royals in 6th inning.

  47. The Blue Jays lead, 5-0, after Troy Tulowitzki's three-run double. Quafftober lives.

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  50. The 11 RBI by Tulowitzki are also 2nd most ever by a Blue Jay in a single postseason, behind Molitor's 13. #BlueJays #ALCS

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  54. Blue Jays pad lead on Tulowitzki's 3-run double https://t.co/b0lcttwOq7 https://t.co/Atx5MaGXVN

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  57. Jays Prove They Don't Need Tulo with Sweep

  58. #BlueJays stay alive to fight another day. Just like Game 3 of the ALDS vs Texas, Estrada and Tulowitzki are big reasons why.

  59. Estrada, Tulowitzki lead Blue Jays over Royals 7-1, forcing #ALCS back to KC https://t.co/NtSUpE1Kxm (@hrum) https://t.co/xQMIrE6yNI

  60. Most 3-RBI Games in Postseason, Blue Jays History Troy Tulowitzki 3 Paul Molitor 2

  61. Troy Tulowitzki sets club record for most RBI in a single ALCS with 7

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  63. Troy Tulowitzki has been a RBI machine for the @BlueJays in this #postseason. #ALCSonFS1 https://t.co/IZOI6HLfLU

  64. #Royals B1: Escobar 4-3; Zobrist HR; Cain 5-3; Hosmer 6-3. 1-0 KC to T2. Colabello-Tulowitzki-Martin due for #BlueJays. #MLB #ALCS

  65. #BlueJays T2: Colabello F7; Tulowitzki 5-3; Martin K-L. 1-0 KC to B2. Morales-Moustakas-Perez due for #Royals. #MLB #ALCS

  66. Yordano Ventura gets Troy Tulowitzki looking to end fourth, stares him down after. HP ump Jeff Nelson waved him off the field

  67. #BlueJays may be in Yordano Ventura's head. Steps to Tulowitzki at end of last inning, walks Russell Martin, 2-0 now to Kevin Pillar

  68. Gibbons is challenging this Rios stolen base. Rios popped off but Tulowitzki didn't hold the tag. Rios safe. #BlueJays #MLB #Royals #ALCS

  69. Chris Colabello fouls off 100, then swings through 100 for strike three, Troy Tulowitzki flies out to CF, inning over, #Royals still 2-1