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  2. Jazz Looking to Test Themselves Against NBA's Best

  3. Neto Expected to Play vs. 76ers; Booker Returns from Suspension

  4. Booker Suspended One Game for Hibbert Slap

  5. Report: Booker Suspended One Game for Swing at Hibbert

  6. Trevor Booker will start in place of Derrick Favors in the starting lineup.

  7. Trevor Booker with an alley-oops shot/pass to Elijah Millsap for a buzzer-beating bucket. Jazz lead Lakers 49-48 at halftime.

  8. Trevor Booker just picked up a T & took a swat at Roy Hibberts head. Throws down his mask after the fight gets quickly broken up.

  9. Booker Ejected for Taking Swing at Hibbert

  10. Booker Undergoes Nasal Fracture Surgery

  11. Wow. Trevor Booker is going to get tossed for throwing a punch at Roy Hibbert — after the Jazz forward got T for fouling Brandon Bass.

  12. Roy Hibbert on his scuffle with Trevor Booker: "We play as a team and I have everybody's back." http://t.co/OTHA7U4HjU

  13. I talked about the Jazz/Lakers game last night with @snark_tank, including thoughts on Jazz guards & Trevor Booker: https://t.co/CDvxaeRz7B

  14. Utah Jazz forward Trevor Booker suspended by NBA for one game for pimp slapping Roy Hibbert http://t.co/eZOGVQxw00 http://t.co/6ejER2sBBN

  15. Utah Jazz forward Trevor Booker suspended one game for striking Roy Hibbert with an open hand to the head.

  16. #Jazz Trevor Booker suspended one game for "striking #Lakers Roy Hibbert with an open hand to the head" during Oct. 6 game.

  17. Utah Jazz forward Trevor Booker has been suspended one game w/o pay for striking Lakers center Roy Hibbert with an open hand to the head.

  18. Jazz power forward Trevor Booker will be suspended for the first game of the regular season for giving Roy Hibbert's face a hard high five.

  19. Jazz forward Trevor Booker has been suspended one game for striking Lakers center Roy Hibbert http://t.co/DqKLkJr6DT http://t.co/pfgHgt211t

  20. Jazz forward Trevor Booker suspended for one game for slapping Roy Hibbert. http://t.co/1FVl9Jd8R7 http://t.co/Qh2vvhJ6AS

  21. Comedy central at Jazz practice today. Has Trevor Booker schooled rookie Trey Lyles yet? "Of course. I’m schooling everybody out there."

  22. Storylines from Jazz practice today: open practice tomorrow, Trevor Booker hates his mask, and other news and notes: http://t.co/v9LuFVIQlZ

  23. Jazz fan to Trevor Booker while he signed an autograph: "Slap Kobe next time."

  24. Jazz starters tonight Trey Burke, Rodney Hood, Alec Burks, Trevor Booker and Tibor Pleiss

  25. Tibor pleiss, Trevor booker and Rodney hood all starting tonight for the Jazz.

  26. Jazz are starting Trey Burke, Alec Burks, Rodney Hood, Trevor Booker and Tibor Pleiss. No Hayward, Favors or Gobert tonight.

  27. Jazz going super small. Trevor Booker is your center

  28. Jazz forward Trevor Booker played for Flip Saunders from 2010-12 when they were both with the Wizards.

  29. #DB1758 - Jazz rook Trey Lyles needs to take adv of Trevor Booker's suspension https://t.co/JMQwjVkVbv https://t.co/bu4C8EJtcE

  30. Jazz not having Trevor Booker has also really hurt: someone to play against Morris and Ilyasova would have been nice.

  31. Jazz being outscored by 15 in only 8 Trey Lyles minutes is bad too. I really think Trevor Booker's suspension may have cost Jazz the game.

  32. A suspended Trevor Booker watched the opener at the hotel. He's back in the arena tonight. https://t.co/KeVMWPo4YU https://t.co/ifYTOzBD4s

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  35. Trevor Booker to the crowd: "We want to thank you, the best fans in the NBA, for your support, night in, night out. ... Go Jazz."

  36. Weird stat of the night: Trevor Booker was the only Jazz to have a positive plus/ minus tonight, yet went 0-6 from the field

  37. The flu-like finally catches up to Favors. He's out the rest of the game. In the meantime, his replacement Trevor Booker just tied the game.

  38. Trey Burke (7) Trevor Booker (6) have scored all the Jazz points in the 4th Quarter

  39. Left-Hand Hammer @35_fitz #UTAatCLE https://t.co/aH70JFbg54

  40. Jeff Withey is active for the Jazz tonight. Not official, but expect Trevor Booker and Derrick Favors to start up front