1. Per @HolderStephen, Colts LB Trent Cole (knee) won't be making the trip to Nashville for #Titans game. Had been listed as ?able.

  2. Chip Kelly's 'Rejects' Pose for the Camera

  3. It's been out there for quite some time, but Trent Cole did not make the trip to Nashville due to an injury.

  4. Trent Cole not traveling with Colts, out for Sunday's game http://t.co/uL8mYMFMHe http://t.co/l29mNxjUko

  5. OLB Trent Cole has been downgraded to out. He is not traveling. Will Robert Mathis start opposite Erik Walden? We'll see. 13 snaps last week

  6. Jonathan Newsome will start for Trent Cole. But look for Robert Mathis to get a bunch of snaps at that outside linebacker spot.

  7. Colts Inactives: 20 Darius Butler 28 Greg Toler 58 Trent Cole 60 Lance Louis 67 T.Y. McGill 71 Denzelle Good 83 Dwayne Allen

  8. #Colts inactives: 20 Darius Butler 28 Greg Toler 58 Trent Cole 60 Lance Louis 67 T.Y. McGill 71 Denzelle Good 83 Dwayne Allen

  9. #Colts inactives: Trent Cole, Greg Toler, Darius Butler, Lance Louis, TY McGill, Dwayne Allen, Denzelle Good.

  10. Colts inactives: CB Darius Butler, CB Greg Toler, LB Trent Cole, OL Lance Louis, DL T.Y. McGill, OL Denzelle... http://t.co/w7ys5JYACW

  11. Jonathan Newsome starts for Trent Cole for #colts. Robt Mathis get bigger workload. 13 snaps last wk. 20+ vs Titans?

  12. #Colts OLB Trent Cole (knee) is inactive. #INDvsTEN

  13. #Colts OLB Trent Cole didn't make trip and is among the inactives. Wondering if Robert Mathis or Jonathan Newsome will start in his place.

  14. #Colts inactives: Darius Butler, Greg Toler, Trent Cole, Lance Louis, T.Y. McGill, Denzelle Good, Dwayne Allen.

  15. #Colts will start Jonathan Newsome at OLB for Trent Cole.

  16. Part of me says this is not surprising without Trent Cole, but then again, he's not been bringing much heat either.

  17. #colts HC Chuck Pagano: Hope to have Dwayne Allen, Darius Butler back some point this week. Greg Toler still week-to-week.Trent Cole day/day

  18. Trent Cole is also in shorts. Andre Johnson and Josh Robinson also not participating. #Colts

  19. #colts Josh Robinson not practicing. Andre Johnson has the day off. Trent Cole not in pads

  20. Trent Cole did a great job of chasing that run down from the backside. #Colts

  21. Trent Cole gets a little pressure on third down, and Jags will kick FG. Still a win with the ball coming to start second half. #Colts

  22. Big third down run by Bortles gets Jags to midfield. Trent Cole had a shot at a sack before Bortles broke free. #Colts

  23. Trent Cole now with more offsides penalties tonight (2) than sacks this season (0).

  24. Walden credited with Sack but that was all Trent Cole

  25. Brady mentions Trent Cole and Robert Mathis as two good defensive players Colts have picked up over the offseason.

  26. "The Hunter" was mic'd up for the Houston win. Check Out @Pro_Hunt58's Sounds of the Game: http://t.co/qnNqXAuizK http://t.co/iuje7DTpyw

  27. Trent Cole got a little overexcited on the first snap. Clearly jump early. #Colts

  28. LB Trent Cole called for being in the neutral zone for the second time.

  29. I would like Trent Cole to stop being offside.

  30. Vollmer called for illegal use of hands to the face while going up against Trent Cole.

  31. The Carroll TD was the Eagles' second pick-six in 23 games vs. Eli. Trent Cole had one in 36-22 Eagles win at Meadowlands in 2006.

  32. Manusky drew up a nice stunt call there for Trent Cole, got him in Ryan's face and forced the check down. Boom. Punt.

  33. Over $20m in cap space to 3 players over 30: Trent Cole (33), Robert Mathis (34), D'Qwell Jackson (32). https://t.co/hPjKukEFXL

  34. Best game I've seen from Trent Cole so far this season.

  35. Actually, Trent Cole got a hand in there, helping the rain.

  36. Trent Cole with his 2nd big play tonight -- 1st by rejecting a Newton pass -- + there with the poke that led to fumble. Best game as a Colt.

  37. Trent Cole knocks down Cam pass, Nortman punting from his end zone.

  38. Former Eagle Trent Cole goes airborne and whiffs at goal line. Is he getting old quick?

  39. Trent Cole signed two-year, $14M contract with #Colts in offseason. He has yet to record a sack.

  40. I'll amend one thing I said. There has been investment on defense. Art Jones (IR), Vontae Davis, Trent Cole. Davis the only consistent one