1. Stephen Curry Loses Ball, Somehow Finds Andrew Bogut for Crunch-Time Dunk

    With the No. 8 seed New Orleans Pelicans surging and hoping to upset the No. 1 seed Golden State Warriors at home, Stephen Curry somehow managed to turn what would have been a turnover into two points thanks to some heads-up passing...

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  2. Andre Iguodala Throws Down Alley-Oop from Draymond Green, Crowd Goes Wild

    With all of the talk of the Golden State Warriors' arena's noise , this is not what you want to see if you're the New Orleans Pelicans trying to mount a comeback...

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  3. Professional Dunker Jordan Kilganon Leaps 75" Box Jump with Running Start

    We've seen 6'1" professional dunker Jordan Kilganon throw down some insane dunks despite his short stature, and now his raw leaping ability is on display...

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  4. Benny the Bull Turns Down for Nothing, Sprays Fans with Popcorn

    The Chicago Bulls are coming off of a big Game 1 win against the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA playoffs, and they don't appear to be in the mood to turn down...

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  5. Redskins Troll the Eagles After They Sign Tim Tebow

    On Monday afternoon, the Eagles tweeted a photo of quarterback football player Tim Tebow signing his contract with Philadelphia. Three minutes later, the Redskins posted a photo of Kermit the Frog sipping tea...

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  6. Warren Sapp -- Video of Hooker Arrest ... 'Stop Talking and Oral Me'

    TMZ Sports has obtained footage of Warren Sapp speaking with cops moments after his Feb. 2nd prostitution arrest in Arizona -- in which he says he told a talkative hooker to shut up and use her mouth for other things instead...

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  7. New Orleans Pelicans Coach Monty Williams Thinks Oracle Arena Is Illegally Loud

    After an inauspicious beginning in Game 1 of their Western Conference playoff series against the Golden State Warriors , Anthony Davis and New Orleans Pelicans managed to make the final score look less like a blowout...

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  8. Charles Barkley Dropped a Sick Burn on Shaq Last Night

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  9. Marshall Henderson Gets Revenge on Erin Andrews, Mocks Jarret Stoll's Arrest

    Marshall Henderson never forgets. The former Ole Miss basketball player was one of the most polarizing collegiate athletes in recent memory. In July 2013, Henderson was suspended for a failed drug test and for violating team rules...

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  10. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Explains Why He's Better Than Muhammad Ali

    Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. a better boxer than Muhammad Ali? I don't know. Was the velociraptor a better dinosaur than the T...

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  11. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Quits Fight After Brutal Hook, Says He Won Fight Anyway

    Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. was beaten like a rug Saturday night. The 29-year-old former WBC middleweight champion stepped into the ring with Polish fighter Andrzej Fonfara and found himself quickly and wholly outclassed...

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  12. Philadelphia Pretzel Store Creates 'Tebowing' Pretzel

    Tebowmania has hit Philly. The Philadelphia Eagles' signing of Tim Tebow , as reported by Fox Sports' Jay Glazer , isn't even official yet, but that hasn't stopped a local pretzel store from creating a tribute to the quarterback...

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  13. Philly Pretzel Factory Creates Epic Tebowing Pretzel

    While Eagles fans are breaking out their best Tebowing pose to thank the football gods for such a gift, Philly Pretzel Factory took it one step further and created a salty treat in the quarterback's signature position...

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  14. Female Kentucky Fans Post Pictures of Themselves Licking Devin Booker's Car

    This may be the oddest story you'll come across today. During a recent interview on Kentucky Sports Radio , former Wildcats basketball player Devin Booker revealed that a fan once licked his car in the parking lot while he was at an autograph signing.

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  15. Aaron Rodgers Tweets the Hottest Take About Free Range Chickens

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  16. Blake Griffin Won't Stop Dunking on San Antonio's Aron Baynes

    It never gets old watching Blake Griffin attack the rim. During the second half of the Los Angeles Clippers' playoff game versus the San Antonio Spurs, Griffin saw a matchup he liked and started to abuse Spurs center Aron Baynes...

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  17. James Jones Beats 3rd-Quarter Buzzer with Triple vs. Boston

    Before the halftime buzzer, we saw Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving hit a triple as time expired. James Jones was not to be outdone at the end of the third quarter...

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  18. SMART Interactive Beer Vending Machine - TheQ

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  19. Mets Pitcher Alex Torres to Wear New Protective Hat on the Mound

    As Major League Baseball looks to protect its pitchers from comebackers, New York Mets pitcher Alex Torres is doing his part to promote safety...

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  20. Cubs Fan Catches Foul Ball with Beer Cup, Chugs Beer

    This Chicago Cubs fan knows that when a baseball lands in your cup, you have to chug your drink. With her Cubbies up 6-2 in the top of the ninth against the San Diego Padres on Saturday, this fan likely figured she'd be consuming an early victory beer.

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  21. Cubs Fan Catches Ball in Beer, Then Chugs Beer

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  22. Raptors' Greivis Vasquez Hits Clutch 3 vs. Wizards, Breaks Out a Shimmy

    Greivis Vasquez is clutch! With the Toronto Raptors down three in the final minute of their Eastern Conference playoff opener versus the Washington Wizards on Saturday, Vasquez nailed a triple from the top of the key to knot the game at 82...

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  23. Wizards' Drew Gooden Meets Raptors' Jonas Valanciunas at the Rim in Game 1

    Drew Gooden might just be a role player for the Washington Wizards, but he's showing he can make an impact with the minutes he does receive...

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  24. John Wall Soars In to Deny Kyle Lowry During Wizards-Raptors Game 1

    John Wall is usually known for his fantastic finishes at the rim. In Game 1 of the Washington Wizards-Toronto Raptors opening-round playoff series, Wall showed he can deny people at the rim as well...

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  25. Raptors GM Masai Ujiri and Fans Bring Their Scorn for Paul Pierce to Game 1

    There's no love lost between Paul Pierce and the Toronto Raptors. On Saturday, Raptors fans were still ticked off at the Washington Wizards veteran for saying in an interview with ESPNBoston...

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