1. Michael Jordan Even Talked Smack to Extras During 'Space Jam' Pickup Games

    Michael Jordan has literally trashed talked grown men to tears. In fact, Mike's mouth on the court is almost as legendary as his play, and now he has another story to add to his legend...

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  2. Bill Walton Held an AMA on Reddit, and It Was Predictably Awesome

    Bil Walton's everyone's favorite hippie college basketball color commentator did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) On Reddit, and as tou can expect it was equal parts awesome and weird...

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  3. Ludacris to Release New Album with 'Beast Mode' Track Inspired by Marshawn Lynch

    ESPN’s His and Hers welcomed Ludacris to the set Thursday to talk Furious 7 , the future of the franchise and, oh yeah, that new Ludaversal album he has coming out Tuesday, March 31...

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  4. Marshawn Lynch to Appear in Ludacris Music Video for 'Beast Mode' Song

    It's been well-documented that Marshawn Lynch prefers his beats to come from the Bay Area where he was born and raised. But he's been known to have an ear for rappers down south, too...

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  5. Alonzo Mourning Confirms the 'Who Wants to Sex Mutombo?' Story Is True

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  6. We Can't Stop Laughing at This Epic Dunk Fail in Mexico

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  7. Thanks to a TV Error, Nik Stauskas Has Assumed the Identity of 'Sauce Castillo'

    Closed captioning is a useful and vital facet of the sports broadcast experience. The transcription service helps the hearing-impaired (and, in many cases, the booze-impaired) who ...

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  8. Chicago Sports Radio Host in Hot Water for Tweeting

    Last night, Dan Bernstein and Matt Spiegel, two sports talk show radio hosts on 670 The Score in Chicago showed why sometimes it's better to just be quiet on Twitter...

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  9. The Polish Have Invented Some Kind of Wild, Paddling Tug-of-War Game

    A video surfaced on the Internet on Thursday morning of an event I can’t find a name for, but it will change everything you know about rowing, tug of war and perhaps physics...

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  10. Confirmed: Lionel Messi Is Not as Tall as Gheorghe Muresan

    Lionel Messi and teammates were in attendance for Wednesday night's Wizards-Pacers game in Washington, where the soccer star got to meet former NBA big man Gheorghe Muresan. Emphasis on 'big,' man...

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  11. Tom Coughlin Doesn't Like Getting Directions from That Dadgum Siri on His Phone

    Tom Coughlin is the NFL equivalent of that older neighbor of yours who lives down the street. He wears suspenders, waves when you drive by and is quick to complain about the Miller boy and his "hippy-dippy" friends...

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  12. Chicago Bulls vs. Toronto Raptors: Live Score, Highlights and Analysis

    Jimmy Butler scored 23 points as the Chicago Bulls came back in the fourth quarter to beat the Raptors in Toronto, 116-103. The Bulls shot 12-of-23 from long distance in the win...

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  13. Edwin Jackson Went to Wrong Stadium Before Getting Lit Up by Oakland A's

    The Oakland Athletics mauled Edwin Jackson on Tuesday. The Chicago Cubs righty took the mound in the second inning and was immediately ravaged to the tune of nine hits and eight runs scored over the course of 1...

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  14. Caroline: Getting Dumped by Rory Was Necessary Evil

    It looks like Rory McIlroy isn't the only one to have benefited from his broken engagement to Caroline Wozniacki...

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  15. Pirates' Andrew McCutchen Chops off Signature Dreadlocks for Charity

    When Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen steps to the plate at Great American Ball Park for the first time on April 6, some baseball fans may be doing a double take...

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  16. J.R. Smith Eats Wings, Talks Hoops with Cleveland Cavaliers Fans

    Cleveland has embraced J.R. Smith with open arms, welcoming the former New York Knicks guard and providing a safe, boring place for him to focus on his game...

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  17. Andre Miller Makes Nerlens Noel Do the Splits with Sly Crossover

    Andre Miller may be an android, guys. The 39-year-old Sacramento Kings guard has played 16 seasons in the NBA , dishing assists with robotic efficiency and missing only three games due to injury since entering the league in 1999...

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  18. Tony Allen Singing 'Whoomp! (There It Is)' at His Karaoke Event

    We all know the Grizzlies' Tony Allen as the “Grindfather” for his monster defensive prowess, but off the court, it turns out the dude has some pipes...

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  19. Ronda Rousey Demonstrates Her Arm-Destroying Technique on Jimmy Fallon

    You may remember a video surfacing earlier this month of Ronda Rousey compacting a web show host’s ribs with a judo throw...

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  20. Bucks' Khris Middleton Sinks Game-Winner on Broken Play to Beat Heat at Buzzer

    The Milwaukee Bucks completed one of the most incredible comebacks of the 2014-15 NBA season in their 89-88 home win over the Miami Heat on Tuesday...

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  21. Russell Westbrook Takes Flight to Throw Down Massive 2-Handed Alley-Oop

    Russell Westbrook plays angry, which is why NBA fans love him. During the second quarter of the Oklahoma City Thunder's game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday, Westbrook destroyed the rim with a sky-high throw down off an alley-oop from D..

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  22. Bucks' Michael Carter-Williams Completely Misses Lob Pass to Jerryd Bayless

    Michael Carter-Williams is fairly new to the Milwaukee Bucks and is still learning to play with his new teammates, but there's no excusing this pass of his from Tuesday night...

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  23. Habs' Pacioretty Use New Burger to Troll Bruins Fans

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  24. Randy Johnson Killing a Bird Gets the 'Duck Hunt' Treatment

    Randy Johnson, the ultimate Duck Hunt player. During the seventh inning of a spring training game on March 24, 2001, the Hall of Fame pitcher hit a dove with a pitch...

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  25. Brewers Announce 'Inside the Park Nachos' with Doritos Crusting on a Stick

    We've all been there before — you want to enjoy your nachos at a ballpark, but all the shouting, cheering and general calamity happening around your seat prevents you from being able to eat them comfortably...

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