1. Instagram: Ross Practicing for Dunk Contest

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  2. Lowry Was Obvious Choice for All-Star Game

    This case was made a few days ago, and it remains true a day after the Eastern Conference coaches predictably snubbed him: Based on the first half of the 2013-14 season, Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry should have been an all-star...

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  3. DeRozan Confident He Should Be All-Star

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  4. Toronto Raptors Make 1st Nine 3-Pointers Against Orlando Magic

    The Toronto Raptors are red-hot, and the Orlando Magic have the second-worst record in the league. And when shooters like Toronto's Kyle Lowry and Terrence Ross get hot against a bad team, they can put up crazy numbers in a hurry...

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  5. Patterson Will Not Dress Tonight vs. Magic

    Patrick Patterson will not dress for tonight's game vs. Orlando . Had a procedure yesterday to reset his broken nose...

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  6. Hansbrough Active Tonight vs. Magic

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  7. Should Toronto Raptors Sell High with Kyle Lowry Trade or Keep Him for Future?

    When Masai Ujiri took over as general manager of the Toronto Raptors , you sort of knew what to expect. Ujiri was going to tear it down, get rid of salary and start the rebuilding process...

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  8. How the Toronto Raptors Should Approach NBA Trade Deadline

    With the NBA trade deadline fast approaching, it's time to talk about potential transactions the Toronto Raptors might be making...

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  9. Dwane Casey's Future with Raptors Remains Unclear

    The Toronto Raptors are the No. 3 seed in the Eastern Conference, leading the Atlantic Division by 2.5 games and in position to make the playoffs for the first time since 2008...

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  10. Why Kyle Lowry Should Be an All-Star

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  11. Will Toronto's Success Force Ujiri's Hand at the Deadline?

    When Masai Ujiri got a five-year deal from the Toronto Raptors last summer it signalled one thing above else: you have time...

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  12. Raptors Cool off Nets on Patterson's Late Basket

    Patrick Patterson stole Deron Williams ' inbounds pass and made the go-ahead jumper with 6 seconds left, and the Toronto Raptors stopped a five-game winning streak by the Brooklyn ...

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  13. Patrick Patterson Steals Ball, Steals Win from Brooklyn Nets

    Thanks to Patrick Patterson , Deron Williams is going to think long and hard before throwing another pass into the backcourt during crunch time...

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  14. Kyle Lowry Makes Buzzer-Beating Half-Court Shot

    Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors stunned the Barclays Center faithful and the division-rival Brooklyn Nets with this shot to end the first half on Monday...

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  15. Raptors Remain Interested in Trading Kyle Lowry

    The Toronto Raptors remain interested in trading Kyle Lowry despite his strong play and the team's recent surge...

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  16. Dwyane Wade: 'No Doubt' DeMar DeRozan Deserves to Be 2014 All-Star

    Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade —who was voted to his 10th career All-Star Game in 2014—said via Twitter he has "no doubt" Toronto Raptors 24-year-old swingman DeMar DeRozan deserves to be an All-Star...

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  17. An Interesting Night Ahead for the Raptors

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  18. Breaking Down DeMar DeRozan's All-Star Chances

    DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors has just as good a shot as any other guard in the Eastern Conference to be named as a reserve for the 2014 NBA All-Star Game. Unfortunately, as is the case in life, nothing is guaranteed...

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  19. Raptors DeMar DeRozan Wont Face Nets

    The Raptors will play a significant Atlantic Division game without their most potent offensive weapon. DeMar DeRozan, the team's leading scorer and a possible NBA Eastern Conference ...

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  20. Terrence Ross Ties Vince Carter's Toronto Raptors Record for Points in a Game

    Toronto Raptors forward Terrence Ross scored 51 points in Saturday's 126-118 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers , tying Vince Carter's Raptors record for most points in a game...

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  21. Is Terrence Ross or DeMar DeRozan a Better Building Block for Toronto Raptors?

    One game. That's all Terrence Ross' 51-point explosion against the Los Angeles Clippers was for the Toronto Raptors . One game. Snap judgments after one game don't mean anything...

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  22. Terrence Ross Ties Toronto Raptors Record with 51-Point Game

    Terrence Ross flat-out exploded against the Los Angeles Clippers . In the history of the Toronto Raptors , Vince Carter was the only player who had managed to top 50 points, ...

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  23. Dunk-Contest Champion Terrence Ross Names His Desired Challengers

    If Paul George can stump for his desired dunk-contest field – even if he likely has no real attention of participating – the event's defending champion should have a say, too...

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  24. Terrence Ross' Amazing Back-to-Back Dunks vs Clippers

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  25. Running Diary on Raptors' Road Win in Philly

    Doing a diary for my last recap was probably the most enjoyable post-game column I've done, and since I really have no real interest in dissecting a Raptors ' game right now, I'm going again with the running diary...

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