1. Toronto Raptors Can't Afford to Let Kyle Lowry Get Away in Free Agency

    Kyle Lowry is irreplaceable for the Toronto Raptors . Surveying the free-agency landscape and looking at Toronto's cap situation , there are no other options for the Raptors to run down—nothing and no one promising them what Lowry can...

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  2. Report: Raptors Stymie Rockets' Interest in Lowry

    The Rockets were trying to work out a way to acquire Kyle Lowry via sign-and-trade with the Raptors , but Toronto isn't playing along, and that appears to have put Houston out of ...

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  3. Report: Raptors Exercise Option on Hansbrough

    The Toronto Raptors have picked up their team option on big man Tyler Hansbrough for the 2014-15 season, the team announced Monday...

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  4. Report: Raptors to Make Strong Push to Keep Lowry

    The Toronto Raptors do not want to lose Kyle Lowry — he was their second leading scorer at 17.9 points a game, he dished out 7.4 assists a game, grabbed almost five rebounds, and he did it all very efficiently (true shooting percentage of ...

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  5. Report: Raptors to Bring Back Hansbrough

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  6. Toronto Raptors 2014 NBA Free Agency: Ranking Top Targets Post-Draft

    Now that the 2014 NBA draft is over, it is time for the Toronto Raptors to see what they can do in free agency to improve their promising young roster...

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  7. Raptors Trade Prudent Move at Many Levels

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  8. Are Raptors Preparing for Kyle Lowry's Departure by Acquiring Lou Williams?

    Kyle Lowry is just one of many players—along with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade , Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony—expected to dominate the headlines once the NBA ’s free-agency period officially opens on July 1...

    Jim  Cavan Written by Jim Cavan about 1 month ago 12,830 reads 57 comments