1. 'No Hiccups' with Nylander's Entry-Level Deal, Says Nonis

    To hear Dave Nonis explain it, there won't be any problems reaching a deal with William Nylander, the club's first-round pick (eighth overall) at the 2014 NHL Entry Draft...

    Benjamin Zweiman Written by Benjamin Zweiman about 1 month ago 1,646 reads 0 comments

  2. Leafs' Gardiner Talks Long-Term Deal, Carlyle: Sportsnet.ca

    Zachary Petersel Written by Zachary Petersel about 1 month ago 687 reads 0 comments

  3. How New Assistant GM Kyle Dubas Will Impact Toronto Maple Leafs

    It's not often that the signing of an assistant general manager is headline news in any sport. However, the Toronto Maple Leafs managed to do just that with the hiring of Kyle Dubas ...

    James Onusko Written by James Onusko about 1 month ago 4,568 reads 8 comments