1. Tony La Russa Changes Everything for the Arizona Diamondbacks

    In a move that was surprising and seemingly came out of left field, the Arizona Diamondbacks announced last Saturday that the organization hired Hall of Fame manager Tony La Russa to become the team's newly created chief of baseball operations.

    Jonathan Cullen Written by Jonathan Cullen about 1 month ago 1,278 reads 0 comments

  2. Greg Maddux Will Not Enter Hall of Fame as Brave Thanks to Classy Gesture

    Before you get too heated in your debate as to whether Greg Maddux should don the Atlanta Braves cap for his Hall of Fame plaque or that of the Chicago Cubs, we should inform you that it will be neither...

    Gabe Zaldivar Written by Gabe Zaldivar about 6 months ago 120,540 reads 122 comments

  3. Who Was Best Manager of Tony La Russa, Bobby Cox, Joe Torre Hall of Fame Trio?

    Call it a win for Cooperstown—7,558 of them, to be exact. It's only fitting that Tony La Russa , Bobby Cox and Joe Torre should enter baseball's Hall of Fame together after being voted in unanimously by the Expansion Era Committee...

    Jason Catania Written by Jason Catania about 7 months ago 15,163 reads 67 comments

  4. Legendary MLB Manager Tony La Russa Has Equally Legendary Affinity for Cats

    Tony La Russa may be done managing baseball teams, but he still has his hands full managing 17 cats. The Wall Street Journal 's Jason Gay recently profiled the man who once managed the Oakland A's and St...

    Gabe Zaldivar Written by Gabe Zaldivar about 9 months ago 5,801 reads 5 comments