1. If you're #Falcons coach Quinn, do you shut down the offense now. Let T.J. Yates and Sean Renfree take over? Or, one more series for Ryan?

  2. Hoyer Must Fill Shoes of Hero Yates in Adequate Fashion

  3. O'Brien: Hoyer Will Start Week 12 vs. Saints

  4. T.J. Yates And DeAndre Hopkins Light Up The Jets In Week 11

  5. T.J. Yates Leads Texans To A Win In The Second Straight Game

  6. First team defense has forced three punts tonight against Jets. Falcons first team offense is done for the night. T.J. Yates now in at QB.

  7. Matt Ryan is out for the Falcons. Jets' starting D now facing TJ Yates. #ATLvsNYJ

  8. Either the #Falcons told T.J. Yates to stay loose, of they really want to get a long look at Sean Renfree.

  9. Yates Making Final Preparations to Start Sunday

  10. Yates, Hopkins' Updated Fantasy Outlook

  11. T.J. Yates Throws Game Winning Touchdown In Relief

  12. Jets rookie DT Leonard Williams sacks Falcons QB T.J. Yates in the end zone to get a safety. Atlanta leads New York, 14-2.

  13. Must see video: Jets rookie Leonard Williams sacks Falcons' T.J. Yates for safety http://t.co/isCNn4WFdA

  14. Nick Folk bangs a short field goal in, and the #Falcons now have a one point lead. WORK YOUR MAGIC, T.J. YATES!

  15. T.J. Yates Vanquishes Undefeated Bengals

  16. O'Brien Happy Yates Is Back, Has 'Very Good Recall' of Offense

  17. T.J. Yates has the facial expression of a man who is not actually a man, but an alien who doesn't understand why he's being punished.

  18. T.J Yates with the pick. Not good in this battle against Renfree

  19. Jerome Smith running like he's terrified of T.J. Yates.

  20. Falcons-Jets post-game injury report: T.J. Yates has a bruised ego http://t.co/yiCwoA7Pw4 http://t.co/y4t55TlKFF

  21. Falcons obviously unsettled at the backup QB role behind Matt Ryan with T.J. Yates and Sean Renfree.

  22. Quinn said he wants to see more accuracy from TJ Yates

  23. My gut feeling is Falcons will give T.J. Yates a very long look tonight to see if he can improve the accuracy. Maybe play Ryan into 2nd Qtr.

  24. Matt Ryan out. TJ Yates in. Ryan had four drives and was sacked three times tonight. #ATLvsMIA

  25. Matt Ryan done for Falcons. TJ Yates in the game

  26. T.J. Yates is in the game.

  27. T.J Yates scrambling like water heater in an earthquake.

  28. Matt Ryan was 3 of 7 for 49 yards, sacked three times. T.J. Yates was 5 of 9 for 42 yards and sacked once in the first half.

  29. The T.J. Yates and Terron Ward show! /both players run on treadmill for entire second half

  30. If there's two things T.J. Yates does well, it's A) finding Justin hardy and B) falling on the ball and pretending a grizzly is attacking.

  31. Falcons go for it on fourth down, T.J. Yates sacked. I'd sigh, but the ennui.

  32. Remember, if you ever see T.J. Yates and Terron Ward on the field together during the regular season, you should retreat to your bunker.

  33. This is probably T.J. Yates' audition for a roster spot. He's not winning one.

  34. Rex Grossman getting ready warming up with T.J. Yates.

  35. Report: Falcons cut T.J. Yates, and there was much rejoicing http://t.co/MvgEVe08pp http://t.co/mbk2jj4JkS

  36. #Falcons cut TJ Yates and Rex Grossman

  37. Falcons have cut T.J. Yates in addition to Rex Grossman, per @DOrlandoAJC. http://t.co/njfo11W8CM

  38. TJ Yates confirms his release to go with Rex Grossman. Sean Renfree stays for now behind Ryan but Falcons likely to look around for an arm

  39. Falcons release T.J Yates, Rex Grossman, keep Sean Renfree as backup QB http://t.co/7Xp6tr6X6f

  40. In addition to Yates and Grossman, #Falcons have waived S S. Baker, LB T. Manning, T J. Rodgers, G J. Smith, CB K White and DE C Matthews.

  41. Falcons cut Rex Grossman and T.J. Yates, leave Matt Ryan single backup http://t.co/akyiQIkPIN http://t.co/9ZAkCbOJAU

  42. Matt Ryan went to bed at halftime last night so he missed the end of the Texans-Bengals game. He sent a text to T.J. Yates this morning.