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Cavs Pick Up Mozgov's $4.95M Option

By Joseph Zucker (Photo: Getty Images)

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    How Much Should Mozgov Play?

    by Jared Dubin

    The Cavaliers are facing a bit of an identity crisis as the NBA Finals heads to Game 6. The Cavs staked themselves to a 2-1 lead, thanks to dominant defensive performances and ferocious reboundi... Read More »

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    Preview, Predictions to NBA Finals Game 5

    by Thomas Duffy

    The NBA Finals have been a back-and-forth series. After the Cleveland Cavaliers jumped ahead—er, got launched ahead by LeBron James —to a 2-1 lead, the Golden State Warriors answered with a... Read More »

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    The Wrong J.R. Is Now Showing Up

    by Howard Beck

    CLEVELAND — J.R. Smith arrived at Game 4 of the NBA Finals with a fedora on his head and a hoverboard beneath his feet. He glided through the arena corridors, a portrait of cool... Read More »

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    Without Stars, LeBron Can Just Play

    by Ethan Skolnick

    CLEVELAND — Everyone in Quicken Loans Arena witnessed LeBron James lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 96-91 Game 3 victory Tuesday, but not everyone could fully understand what they were seeing...... Read More »

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    Predicting Top X-Factors in NBA Finals

    by Daniel Rogers

    This is it. This is the culmination of a season’s worth of work, hardship and struggle. The NBA Finals, where dreams come true and legends are made, or at least that’s what the television broadc... Read More »