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Nothing comes easy when you are playing at Team USA's camp.

During a recent practice ahead of the 2014 FIBA World Cup, Draymond Green tried to throw down a dunk on Andre Drummond. As you can see, that didn't work out too well.


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Technology may be so advanced one day that robots could beat humans at soccer. Whether you want to believe it or not, that's the goal by 2050.

Robotic researchers were able to put together a "RoboCup" at Brazil this year and found out which automatons performed best.

The plan isn't to just beat any typical group of humans; the researchers want the robots of the future to be able to defeat the World Cup champions.


Syria is falling apart, Iraq is a drive-in war theater, and the leader of the free world can't find the fairway.

If a recent picture of a custom golf ball is to be believed, we are indeed living in dark days.

Time political reporter Zeke Miller (h/t Extra Mustard's Peter Bukowski) spotted a picture of a Titleist golf ball marked with the number "44" and "POTUS." Instagram user @Larrydoh uploaded the picture Sunday with a caption claiming he discovered the ball in the woods near the first hole at Congressional Country Club in Maryland.

"Obama played at Congressional yesterday, and I just found this in the woods off one," the Instagram user wrote. "Looks like he's off line again. 44th."

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In case you didn't know already, recruiting the best high school players in the country doesn't come cheap.

According to The Courier-Journal's Kyle Tucker, Kentucky coach John Calipari spent more than $200,000 on plane trips for recruiting visits in 2013 alone. That number doesn't include commercial flights, jets provided by boosters, hotels or car rentals.

The Wildcats coach reportedly spent $342,713.91 on jets in the 2013-14 fiscal year.

Calipari did a lot of traveling during one short period of time. According to Tucker, Calipari spent $97,618.33 on chartered flights in July 2013 and another $102,590.23 on jets a few months later in September.


Peyton Manning hasn't played for the Tennessee Volunteers since 1998, but he still enjoys listening to "Rocky Top."

Manning had some fun dancing to the classic song at Denver Broncos practice Monday.

Although the 38-year-old may be all business during games, he still knows how to have a little bit of fun for his teammates. Receiver Wes Welker even joined in on the fun as Manning kept going.

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Joel Embiid is a joker and a dunker. He loves social media and suffers from Saharan levels of thirst

The Philadelphia 76ers rookie can wear many hats on any given day, but he is not Nerlens Noel.

Crossing Broad's Kyle Scott (h/t Pete Blackburn of Next Impulse Sports) reports that the Courier-Post recently printed a story with a picture labeling Noel as "Joel Imbiid."

Blackburn writes that the paper—a South Jersey publication no stranger to covering 76ers basketball—should be familiar with Philadelphia's first-round draft pick. 


The Minnesota Twins may not play in the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome anymore, but that didn't stop the team from honoring the 20th anniversary of Little Big League.

Actor Luke Edwards, aka Billy Heywood, was at Target Field on Sunday as the Twins celebrated the big anniversary. He even had the privilege of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch.

There was a pretty good reenactment of one of the movie's scenes before the game:

Here are some pictures from Little Big League Day:

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While quarterbacks aren't always thought of as the most athletic players on the football field, the Florida Gators' Will Grier proved that signal-callers can do some crazy things.

Grier and fellow freshman DeAndre Goolsby messed around during a workout and put together a pretty cool clip. In it, the quarterback catches a football while doing a standing backflip.

If Grier ever gets near the goal line in a game, maybe he will whip out a flip to score a touchdown. That would be something special.

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Once you get to the edge of a high dive, you better just jump. A last-second change of heart is the last thing that should happen.

In this clip, a female swimmer and her friend decided to jump off the 22-foot high dive at a pool at Lava Hot Springs water park in Idaho. The woman changed her mind at the last second, but she couldn't keep from falling off the platform. She paid the price for changing her mind that late, as she got flipped by the low diving board and hit the water hard.

It was a scary moment, but she appeared to be fine. She only reported a slightly injured finger.

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Go ahead and try to be like Mike. He doesn’t care. 

This was the general message Michael Jordan relayed to ESPN on Monday morning. The Chicago Bulls legend told the network that he “doesn’t own” the number 23 and doesn’t mind LeBron James wearing it in his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Jordan’s indifference clashes mightily with the opinion James once held on the matter. 

In 2009, the Cavaliers forward told ESPN that no one should be able to wear His Airness’ holy No. 23 jersey.