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Iowa offensive tackle Brandon Scherff is one strong man.

Scherff was named to the first team All-Big Ten last season, and after you see this video, you will get a glimpse as to why.

The 6'5", 320-pound lineman showed just how strong he was by doing three clean reps of 443 pounds:

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The presence of news vans, reporters and rabid fans is bound to throw even the most tight-knit community into disarray.

With that in mind, LeBron James decided to send a personal apology in the form of cupcakes to his neighbors in Akron following the media uproar that his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers has caused, per Ben Chew of That NBA Lottery Pick.

You can see the cupcake packages below, courtesy of David Galehouse and Mason Berle on Twitter:

Let that be a lesson to any professional athletes from here on out. A few cupcakes can go a long way toward keeping the neighborhood happy.

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A man that appears to be guitarist and singer-songwriter Jack White was in the house for the Chicago Cubs' showdown vs. the San Diego Padres, and he did not look happy. 

As you can imagine, the combination of a miserable-looking famous fan and the Cubs made the jokes almost too easy for some on Twitter.

Cheer up, Jack! At least the Tigers (from White's hometown of Detroit) are solid this year!

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For every Summer League star that has shined in the NBA there have been equally as many that never panned out. 

With the 2014 Summer League officially over and some fresh faces having stepped up, it's interesting to look back at how some proven NBA stars got their start.

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant was the first guard drafted into the NBA out of high school and had a lot to prove. In 1996, the then-17-year-old (wearing No. 32) dropped 36 points in a game versus the Phoenix Suns to lead the Lakers to a 107-100 victory.

By now we're used to seeing this type of dominance from Bryant, but it's interesting to look back and see Bryant excel at such a young age.

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If NHL players and goalies can't stop Patrick Kane, there's very little hope for players in the Performax Hockey League (a men's league in Buffalo).

Unfortunately, there's no video available. There is, however, the photo above and a box score.

Five goals and five assists? Not a bad game.

One of Kane's teammates did score more goals than the Chicago Blackhawks star, but he record the most points in the game. He recorded points on 10 of the 13 Piranhas' goals.

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After watching this compilation of bone-crushing hits, nobody can ever question the toughness of an Australian Football League player.

Aussie rules football hits have led to everything from pain to blood to brawls.

Sit back and enjoy watching the best of hits the AFL has to offer.

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Former Baylor basketball star Isaiah Austin had his dreams of becoming an NBA player cut short after being diagnosed with Marfan syndrome just days before the 2014 draft. Per Baylor's official statement, "Marfan syndrome is caused by a genetic mutation that leads to problems in connective tissues throughout the body."

Despite the setback, Austin, 20, may still be affiliated with the league once his education is complete in Waco.

Austin told TMZ.com that he has been offered an NBA job by commissioner Adam Silver, with the stipulation that he finishes his degree at Baylor. He also said he's already doing a little work now for the NBA Cares program.

Silver added an unexpected twist to the draft that made Austin's night far brighter. Just days after learning of the diagnosis that ended his basketball career, Austin heard his name called, having been made an honorary selection by the NBA.

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Here's something that nobody saw coming: Kevin Durant and Justin Bieber apparently grabbed brunch together recently.

It seems like a pretty strange match. The Oklahoma City Thunder superstar has always done a great job of keeping his personal life private, whereas the singer grabs the spotlight everywhere he goes.

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Take five seconds out of your day to watch this MMA fight. Trust us, it's worth it.

One swift kick to the face and this fight was over. If it wasn't for a little bit of preparation at the beginning of the fight, it would have been over even quicker. 



Mario Balotelli...well, honestly, it's hard to know where to begin here.

His latest Instagram post comes with the explanation: "#KnowledgeIsPower reading books is cool #StayInSchoolKids"

But while that might explain why he's reading Zlatan Ibrahimovic's autobiography I Am Zlatan, it doesn't quite answer why he's doing that while ironing and listening to the Notorious B.I.G.'s "One More Chance (Remix)."

And doing some kind of bizarre ironing/reading dance.