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Following a controversial replay ruling that resulted in a second-inning run for the Toronto Blue Jays, the Oakland Athletics decided to play the rest of Thursday night's game under official protest. 

The team's official Twitter account confirmed the bizarre news: 

However, the A's did win the game 4-1, making the protest a moot point in the end.

The Jays had loaded the bases with one out in the top of the second inning when Anthony Gose stepped to the plate. He hit a ground ball to first baseman Nate Freiman, and then all hell broke loose. Kind of:

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When you find out that you will have a chance to live out your dream, it's tough to contain your emotions.

Kiwi Gardner is a perfect example of how great news can lead to an emotional reaction.

After Santa Cruz general manager Kirk Lacob informed him that he was going to get a chance to play with the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Summer League, Gardner was overcome with joy. He was so happy that he almost tackled Lacob.  

Some players may not fully appreciate the opportunity to play basketball for a living, but there is no doubt that Gardner is just happy that he is getting a shot.

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The L.A. Galaxy are taking to social media in order to promote their players for the 2014 MLS All-Star Game in Portland, Oregon.

The team went for the hipster look by putting its players in flannel and, in the case of Landon Donovan, a lumberjack outfit. (Portland is the home of the Timbers.)

Not only did the Galaxy give their players a makeover, but they also put together a fascinating list of facts as to why striker Robbie Keane should play in the game:

That list should be enough to convince some fans to send votes Keane's way.

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On this date 13 years ago, one of the most memorable brawls in baseball history occurred during a minor league game between the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons.

Most baseball "fights" just involve a lot of pushing and screaming. That wasn't the case in this one.

Red Sox outfielder Izzy Alcantara, who was leading the International League in batting average and home runs, was brushed back on an inside pitch by Red Barons pitcher Blas Cedeno. Alcantara took exception to the brushback pitch, and he did the unthinkable.

Before charging the mound, Alcantara kicked Red Barons catcher Jeremy Salazar. That sparked a benches-clearing brawl.


Two Major League Baseball pitchers from teams on opposite sides of the country were traded for each other near the end of June. What are the odds that the two relievers would run into each other as they traveled to meet up with their new teams?

It sounds like a long shot, but odd things happen.

On June 27, the Pittsburgh Pirates traded Jason Grilli to the Los Angeles Angels in exchange for Ernesto Frieri. The two closers would cross paths just hours later, according to MLB.com's Tom Singer.

After leaving Kansas City, where the Angels were at the time of the trade, Frieri had a layover at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. Ironically, Grilli also had a layover in Chicago on his way from Pittsburgh to Kansas City.

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Building a stadium right by a river can certainly make the ballpark experience more enjoyable, but it can also lead to a logistics nightmare when rain leads to flooding.

The Quad City River Bandits (the Houston Astros' Single-A affiliate) play their home games at Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport, Iowa. The stadium just happened to be built right by the Mississippi River.

Recent flooding near the stadium has produced an incredible image.

On a nice summer evening, the river backdrop can make for a great night at the ballpark.

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If you ever wanted to see a five-year-old who could hold his own in a fistfight, look no further than Nijee "The Future."

Shaquille O'Neal is just one of the many Twitter users who got excited to see the young boxer show off his sparring skills, and rightfully so. He shows off incredible speed, especially for someone of his age. 

Being young and promising doesn't always pan out, but we should definitely remember to keep an eye on Nijee down the line.  

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Jimmy Kimmel possesses a small arsenal of personalities with which he conducts his comedy, the most ridiculous being his security guard, Guillermo. 

The small Mexican man appears nightly on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, participating in bits and interviewing celebrities. 

His latest interview involved a “Yas-Clusivo” with Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig, who sat down with Guillermo to talk about his upcoming All-Star bid. 

Right off the bat, the interview took a turn for the weirder.

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A possibly unflattering photo of Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant has emerged—Internet: commence freak-out

Back in 2012, an image of Derek Jeter looking rather portly while recovering from an injury swept the Internet, and the media did not take it lightly, creating headlines like "DEREK EATER."

The 35-year-old Kobe is recovering from a knee injury, and this photo of him swimming shows what could be a few extra pounds around the waist that we haven't seen on the Black Mamba before.

Back in October, Kobe did joke that he needed to get back in shape.


“We got no bullpen. We got swept by the Cubs. Our broadcaster’s teeth are falling out!”

Wednesday night capped off another rough outing for the Boston Red Sox, who lost 16-9 at home against the lowly Chicago Cubs. It was, by any measure, a bad night at Fenway Park, with the only moment of levity occurring when broadcaster Jerry Remy lost a tooth in the middle of the game. 

In the top of the fourth, the NESN television crew kicked it over to the former Red Sox second baseman, who sat alongside fellow broadcaster Don Orsillo, marveling at his lost tooth.

“This is a first,” Orsillo said. “You’ve lost a lot of stuff during games, but you’ve never lost a tooth.”