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Updates from Sunday, July 20

Rory McIlroy won the 2014 British Open by two strokes Sunday, and now his father, Gerry, and three of Gerry's friends can collect $342,000 from a bet they made in 2004. 

They bet £400 ($683) with 500-1 odds on 15-year-old Rory winning the British Open before the age of 26, and the 25-year-old delivered at the last time of asking.

Following McIlroy's win, he commented on his father's bet, via Darren Rovell of ESPN:

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Madison Mallards left fielder Alex Bacon got both cleats on the wall to climb up and hang on just long enough to rob Willmar Stingers' infielder Troy Kuhn of a home run.

Bacon likely made the catch of the summer in the Northwoods League (a Midwest-based league composed of top college players), but the Mallards went on to lose 7-6.

[Channel 3000 WISC-TV on YouTube, h/t Bob's Blitz]

Editor's note: The local news video and a previous version of this article mistakenly identified Alex Bacon as "Troy Bacon." We regret the error.


St. Louis Blues right winger and American Sochi Olympic hero T.J. Oshie probably felt like Happy Gilmore when he struggled with his putter at the American Century Championship.

Oshie was forced to four-putt, all within seven feet of the hole, at the celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, realizing the harsh reality that golf can be one of the most frustrating games in the world.

Tap-tap-taparoo, T.J.!

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A Boston Red Sox ball girl grabbed a screaming line drive, and before she could even toss it to a fan, she realized she had made a huge mistake. 

As pointed out by USA Today's FTW, the cameras catch her reaction as she says "I'll probably get fired" shortly after she makes a hilarious "oops" face that we've all felt before. 


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All one Los Angeles Angels fan wanted was to enjoy a nice night out at the ballpark, but a very rude foul ball quickly put an end to that.

When Seattle Mariners shortstop Brad Miller's ball went foul, it shattered the glass next to where this fan and her date were eating. Judging her (fairly justified) look of contempt, she wanted to remove herself from the situation immediately, quickly asking the waiter for the check.

It looks like the next time these two get dinner, it will be at a place where errant fly balls aren't a possibility.



The eyes of the WNBA world are on Phoenix for WNBA All-Star weekend.

Glory Johnson, a 6'3" forward for the Tulsa Shock, kick-started the weekend by throwing down a right-handed dunk.

Judging by the reaction of the players and crowd, Johnson got off on the right foot. Brittney Griner better watch out! 


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With the UFC back in Dublin for the first time in five years, UFC President Dana White wanted to make sure the fans felt welcome. 

White offered fans free drinks via Twitter, and it looks like his bill could be pretty pricey, judging from the subsequent tweets.

Note to self: Offering drinks to an entire Dublin bar may not be the best idea for the wallet. 


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With the Golden State Warriors surging, Milwaukee Bucks forward Jabari Parker proved he had ice in his veins with an emphatic dunk to stop a run.

He went right on his defender and finished with a nasty reverse slam.

Parker finished with 20 points to lead the Bucks to a 79-74 win on Friday.

[gifdsports, CJ Zero]

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Even in a friendly game of HORSE, Kobe Bryant is a fierce competitor.

The challenger may have given Bryant a couple of early letters, but the Black Mamba turned up his game in a hurry. When his competitor messed up badly, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar gave him the business—and then showed him how it's done.

In the end, Bryant's creative shots were too much for his opponent to overcome. Warning: Video may contain NSFW language.

On the plus side, the challenger gave Bryant a couple of letters and got an autograph. That's respectable.

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Now here's something you don't see every day.

New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan was spotted at an airport walking around with three boxes, which appear to be pizzas, in his hand. That part isn't too odd, but when you throw in the stuffed animal he is also carrying, you get a very bizarre picture.

Although the tweeter is correct in saying that context isn't necessary, it would certainly help clarify what was going on in the picture.

[Twitter, h/t Deadspin]