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Kentucky's Willie Cauley-Stein isn't playing in the 2014 NCAA championship game against Connecticut on Monday night, but the center found a way to attract the cameras while sitting on the bench.

Cauley-Stein, who is out with an ankle injury, decided to wear his jersey on the bench. There's no problem with that. However, check out the shirt that he decided to wear underneath his jersey.

Is that a good look or a bad look?

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With all eyes fixed squarely on Monday night’s national championship between the Connecticut Huskies and his Kentucky Wildcats, John Calipari’s collegiate accomplishments—taking a pair of teams to the title game in three seasons—will undoubtedly be discussed.

With Kentucky falling 50-64, expect Tuesday’s chatter to take on another tone entirely:

No word yet on Rex Chapman’s source, but considering his status as a beloved UK alum, you can bet he's pretty plugged in.

The Lakers, not surprisingly, have been quick to dismiss the rumor, according to Chris Dufresne of the L.A. Times:

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Connecticut's DeAndre Daniels wasted no time in showing that he was ready for the big stage on Monday night.

In the early minutes of the 2014 NCAA championship game, Daniels threw down an emphatic dunk to give the Huskies a two-point lead over the Kentucky Wildcats.

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All the free gear and coaching lessons in the world can't help you when you're hungry. Shabazz Napier is one of the biggest stars on a college basketball team in the national championship game, yet he claims there have been nights where he's "starving" because he doesn't have money to buy food.  

Speaking with reporters in March, the UConn senior point guard said that while college athletes shouldn't be receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars, they do deserve some sort of monetary compensation. Napier added that sometimes he has a hard time finding enough money to eat and that it affects his preparation ahead of the Huskies' games.

The comments were made after the National Labor Relations Board in Chicago ruled that Northwestern football players could unionize. This potentially opens a Pandora's box in college athletics regarding student-athletes and their standing as unpaid amateurs rather than employees of the university.

Connecticut may soon be facing the same kind of problem, per CNN's Sara Ganim:

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Lakers Magazine editors might want to brush up on their celebrity knowledge.

A redditor recently shared this image from the magazine that includes his son and him in the celebrity "Faces in the Crowd" section. The only problem is that the bearded man is listed as "Zach Galifianakis," who he most certainly is not.



Corey Johnson could have been $100,000 richer tonight, but his billion-dollar bracket doesn't feature a winner, leaving the 28-year-old with heartbreak as well as an unsavory kind of Internet fame. 

On Monday, Deadspin's Barry Petchesky reported on a rather interesting bracket sitting near the top of an altogether remarkable lot. Amid the folks who picked this upset-laden tournament most accurately laid a bracket titled "Corey's Champion Bracket," which you can view here

Aside from a bracket adorned with green correct picks, you will notice that there is no actual winner selected, something Johnson just realized a couple of days ago. And yes, he was as shocked as you are. 

We had the pleasure of speaking with Johnson on Monday, and well, he has seen better days. 

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The New York Yankees signed Jacoby Ellsbury to a seven-year, $153 million contract this past offseason, but it's valid to wonder whether or not they could read his signature on the contract.

The outfielder's name was spelled incorrectly on the scoreboard in his first game at Yankee Stadium. Oops.

Whoever made the mistake should try to say that it was a way of welcoming a former Boston Red Sox player to the Bronx.

Ellsbury must be a tough name to spell. Last week, a Red Sox fan had trouble with the spelling while trying to take a dig at the veteran.

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We've heard about the helmet cams, the latest fad taking over college football and now we have a look at a first-person perspective of what playing college safety looks like.

University of Miami safety Dallas Crawford donned one of the special Schutt helmets during a scrimmage that allows viewers to see what it looks like to tackle a college running back.

It should be interesting to see how colleges continue to use these helmets in the future.

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Students from the University of Connecticut are preparing to cheer on their Huskies against the Kentucky Wildcats in the 2014 NCAA championship game, but they might want to think twice about where they watch the game.

Students in one dorm have been warned not to get caught up in the moment:

If this email is legitimate, this guy is easily the leading candidate for the worst resident advisor of the year.

Update: Tuesday, April 8 at 1:45 p.m. ET

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After being postponed due to weather Sunday, the Duck Commander 500 at Texas Motor Speedway was green for only a few laps Monday before Dale Earnhardt Jr. crashed his car into the wall during Lap 12, causing it to catch fire.


Earnhardt lost a tire and ripped up his front end as he veered onto the infield grass, sending him into the outside wall.

Junior said it was his mistake, per Fox Sports:

He also apologized to his fans and teammates after the race: