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Brazil forward Neymar, who missed the 7-1 semi-final defeat to Germany after picking up an injury, gave up on watching the game after Germany scored their seventh goal, according to reports in Spain and Portugal.

According to the reports, Neymar watched the game with his family at home, but as the goals rained in and Brazil's dream died, he switched it off at 7-0.

In a quote taken from Marca (Spanish), he said: "Ya no quiero ver esta mierda! Vamos a jugar poker"—which translates roughly to "I don't want to watch this s--t! Let's go and play poker."

That meant he missed the goal scored by Oscar, although it would have been scant consolation.


Lionel Messi happily would have been in the changing room celebrating with his team-mates after Argentina clinched their spot in the World Cup final. 

But he was stuck taking his mandatory doping test in the aftermath. 

He posted a picture of himself on Instagram awaiting his test (translated by 101 Great Goals): 

[Leo Messi]

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Prior to his youth summer basketball camp at UC Santa Barbara on Wednesday, Kobe Bryant took time out to answer questions from the media, addressing everything from Carmelo Anthony to his physical fitness. 

He was really excited about it, too: 

It's beginning to look more and more like 'Melo will re-sign with the New York Knicks, but that didn't keep Mamba from expressing his desire to play with the seven-time NBA All-Star.     

Lakers Nation's Serena Winters captured the quote: 

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After quietly dropping out of the news cycle in the weeks following the 2014 NFL Draft, St. Louis Rams rookie Michael Sam will grace the cover of LGBT lifestyle magazine Out.

The magazine tweeted a preview of their August issue with a picture of Sam posing with an American flag:

Sam, a former SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year at Missouri, became the first openly gay player to be drafted into the National Football League this spring when the St. Louis Rams selected him with the 249th pick.

Hours after being drafted, Sam’s jersey sales skyrocketed—outselling all others in his draft class save for Cleveland Browns rookie Johnny Manziel. It was an unprecedented occurrence for a seventh-round draft pick who many believed had ruined his chances at playing professionally by publicly declaring his homosexuality.

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LeBron James is set to have a face-to-face meeting with Miami Heat president Pat Riley in Las Vegas on Wednesday, but the scene outside of the superstar's Miami house have rumors of his return to Cleveland flying around everywhere.

Someone else was able to get another picture of the trucks outside of James' house:

It may not mean that a decision has been made, but the trucks are leading to a lot of speculation.

Update: July 9 at 4:30 p.m ET

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UPDATE: Wednesday, July 10, 4:43 p.m. ET

Michael Crabtree responds with a statement to ESPN (via ProFootballTalk.com): 

--End of Update--

Time heals many wounds, but it doesn't sound as though Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree are going to patch things up anytime soon.


UPDATE: July 10 at 12:10 p.m. EST

Turns out it was Danish Lotto-Belisol rider Lars Bak who front-flipped on Stage 5, not his Belgian teammate Jurgen Van den Broeck. 

Either way, he's still lucky his collarbone wasn't pulped on the cobbles.

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Wrecks are an unavoidable tradition at the Tour de France, and this 2014 campaign may turn out to be one of the nastiest on record.

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Even the food is big in Texas. 

The Texas Rangers made headlines a couple of years ago by introducing the 2-foot-long hot dog. Now the team is selling something even more ridiculous.

Globe Life Park in Arlington is now home to the "Tanaco," a 2-foot-long taco. It won't be cheap for fans, however: The Tanaco costs $26.

Just how many Jack In The Box tacos can you buy for one Tanaco

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As Germany continued to score goal after goal against Brazil in Tuesday's 2014 FIFA World Cup semifinal match, the cameras showed a lot of sad Brazil fans who were seeing their team fall apart right in front of their eyes. Although there were a lot of crying fans, no fan made you feel more sorry for Brazil than the man with the World Cup trophy.

The man, Clovis Fernandes, may have been holding on to his trophy, but at that point, he knew that his team would not be hoisting the trophy at the end of the tournament. The look on his face summed up how every Brazil fan was feeling as Germany cruised to a 7-1 victory.

As sad as that picture may have been, there is a happy ending to the story.

Fernandes reportedly gave his trophy to a Germany fan. Based on the pictures, it looks like he was happy to pass it along to someone who has better use for it.


The Los Angeles Dodgers stormed out of the gates at Comerica Park on Tuesday night, bum-rushing the Detroit Tigers’ Justin Verlander for five runs in the first inning.

Everything seemed to be going in the Dodgers’ favor until a reversed call in the bottom of the second sparked a 90 degree shift in momentum.

It all began when Yasiel Puig made another of his patently stunning throws. The Dodgers outfielder snagged a rebounding ball hit by Torii Hunter off the right-field wall and sent it rocketing toward second. Hunter, who had run for a double, was called out on a close tag by Dodgers second baseman Miguel Rojas.

While the Dodgers celebrated, Tigers manager Brad Ausmus came out to challenge the call. Thus began an interminably long review session.