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Basketball trick-shot artists: The bar has been raised.

David Kalb dribbles not one, but two basketballs out of his moving car before hitting a tough shot, then avoids driving into the hoop.

Plenty of editing was likely required to get this footage, but doing any of the above feats is worthy of your attention.

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The Pittsburgh Pirates showed off their hitting dominance against the Cincinnati Reds and celebrated in the dugout by channeling the WWE's heavyweight champion.

Following three innings featuring back-to-back home runs, the Pirates busted out a "Yes!" chant in the spirit of Daniel Bryan (skip to around the 1:50 mark to catch the chants).

Before the game was suspended in the sixth inning due to rain, both teams combined for a total of 10 home runs. The Pirates ended up winning, 8-7, with Russell Martin driving home the game-deciding run in the seventh.

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The Auburn Tigers will be the proud owners of a new set of championship rings at halftime of A-Day on April 19. 

Auburn players, coaching staff and administrators will receive the 2013 SEC Championship rings featuring a simple, blue Auburn logo in the center with "2013 SEC CHAMPIONS" written along the side at halftime of their A-Day game, according to coach Gus Malzahn's Twitter

Auburn beat Missouri 59-42 in the SEC Championship on Dec. 7.

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The San Antonio Spurs have already wrapped up the top spot in the Western Conference, so they can afford to have some fun while the regular season wraps up.

From Danny Green all the way up to Tim Duncan, the Spurs got a little silly while taking a team selfie ahead of Fan Appreciation Night. 

The only thing that could have made this picture even better would have been if San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich had joined in on the fun.

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Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Nick Young took to Twitter on Tuesday to answer some fans' questions.

He talked about his off-court hobbies, whether he'd be staying in L.A. after this season and his chances at winning the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year award and more. But one answer in particular showed that his confidence is still at an all-time high. 

Yes, "Swaggy P" thinks he's better than Kobe Bryant, James Harden and Dwyane Wade, among others. While this isn't a surprise to anyone who is familiar with how Young carries himself both on and off the court, this may have something to do with the fact that he'll likely be restructuring his contract at the end of this season. 

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WNBA star Brittney Griner is unquestionably one of the greatest athletes in the history of Baylor University, but in her new memoir, Griner reveals that she didn't always feel comfortable as a member of the Lady Bears.    

According to Evin Demirel of Slate.com, Griner admitted in her book, In My Skin, that she often felt ostracized due to Baylor's policies against homosexuality.

Despite Griner's everlasting impact on Baylor, the 23-year-old Phoenix Mercury phenom doesn't feel welcomed in terms of being a representative for the university:

Griner doesn't seem to regret her decision to attend Baylor. However, she can't help but think that the university benefited from her presence without embracing who she is as a person:

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Stealing home is no easy task, and it's rarely attempted with the score tied.

Calvin College (Grand Rapids, Mich.) had the bases loaded with two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning against Albion College on April 12. Calvin College junior Grant Van Putten took a major risk by breaking for home as the catcher threw the ball back to pitcher.

His anticipation paid off as he was able to score the game-winning run when the pitcher's hurried throw got past the catcher. Van Putten's bold move provided baseball fans with arguably the rarest play in baseball: the walk-off steal of home.

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Adam Wainwright is the Cardinals ace pitcher with a devastating curveball. Trevor Rosenthal is a closer with a fastball that reaches 100 mph. Together, they make for quite the tandem on the mound, but one awful duet on the karaoke stage. 

Yahoo Sports' Mike Oz spotted evidence that a couple of great arms don't fare so well with the pipes—at least when it comes to crooning a song from the hit movie Frozen

Several Cardinals players were singing for a great cause, as their wives put on the first "Homers for Health," which Fox 2 St. Louis reports "will benefit SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center."

For their part, Wainwright and Rosenthal (an actually decent band name) try their talent at Frozen's "Love is an Open Door."

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Phoenix Suns guard Eric Bledsoe doesn't take kindly to anyone calling him the "worst player in the NBA."

Bledsoe—who is averaging 18 points, 5.5 assists and 4.8 rebounds per game this season—had a bit of a tough game on Monday, posting just 13 points, five assists and three rebounds as the Suns were eliminated from playoff contention.

One critical fan decided to call out Bledsoe on Twitter. At some point after the game, Bledsoe responded:

Yeah, he went there.

The fan didn't mind being dissed:

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If you were wondering what embattled cyclist Lance Armstrong has been up to, the answer seems to be making fairly depressing how-to videos on changing bike tires. 

So there's that. 

TMZ Sports spotted the video posted below, which originates thanks to OutsideOnline.com.

The website's description is as good as any to introduce the clip: "Cycling’s most infamous rider has been looking for work lately. We caught up with him at his latest bike-shop gig to hear a few pointers about what to do when you break down."

There you go. Now don't say Armstrong never did anything for you, because you now know how to change a tire like a champion, er, former cyclist who had to endure a public shaming thanks to finally admitting he doped after years of denying his closely guarded secret.