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If you saw a picture of Ohio State linebacker Joshua Perry from 2012 and one from this summer, you probably wouldn't know that you were looking at the same person.

The Buckeyes linebacker has done a lot more in the past two years than just get a haircut. He is now 31 pounds heavier than he was at the beginning of 2012, and judging by the picture, he's put on a lot of muscle.

This is just another chapter added to the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry. Last week, Michigan's Jabrill Peppers showed off how much muscle he has added in just four weeks. Some believed that Peppers' lack of flexing at the beginning may have made the final result look much better.

There's no denying that Perry's hard work has paid off. 

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David Price may be going from a sub-.500 team to a World Series contender, but one Tampa Bay news channel believes the All-Star pitcher is getting the short end of the trade.

Shortly before Thursday's MLB trade deadline, Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal reported that the Tampa Bay Rays had traded Price to the Detroit Tigers in a three-team deal. The left-handed pitcher was the team's best player and will undoubtedly help his new club.

However, Fox 13 Tampa Bay looked at the Price trade a bit differently than most.

The news channel quickly thought better of its tweet (above) and deleted it. Fox 13 Tampa Bay also issued an apology to the city of Detroit:

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Texas A&M is giving Kyle Field a $450 million makeover, so that means the Aggies football team is going to see a lot of cool new perks.

The team's locker room and football headquarters received a nice upgrade as well. From 100 flat-screen televisions to waterfalls to luxurious meeting rooms to a barbershop, there was a lot of money put into the football facility.

Judging by the pictures, the school got its money's worth: 

The players were big fans of the upgraded football facility:

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Austin Jackson was playing center field one minute. Then heading to the clubhouse and saying goodbye to his teammates the next.

As Fox Sports' Jon Morosi tweeted on Thursday afternoon, Jackson was traded to the Seattle Mariners in a three-team deal that sent All-Star David Price to Detroit. Once the trade was agreed upon, the Tigers yanked Jackson from the game in the middle of the seventh inning.

The crowd at Comerica Park in Detroit recognized what was happening and gave Jackson a standing ovation as he left the field.

Jackson debuted in the majors with Detroit back in 2010 after he came over from the Yankees in a trade that involved another former Tigers fan favorite in center field, Curtis Granderson.

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Subtlety may not be your strong suit, Minnesota Timberwolves. 

After signing veteran point guard Mo Williams to a one-year, $3.75 million contract, the T-Wolves posted the above photo to Instagram, along with the caption: 

So let's think about this. Williams last played for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2011 and has since played with the Los Angeles Clippers, Utah Jazz and Portland Trailblazers. So why the LeBron James-centric Cavs pic?

His one All-Star appearance came in 2009 when he was playing alongside LeBron James, and for several years he was considered one of James' best teammates.

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When Kobe Bryant steps on the court, he only knows one way to play: with a killer instinct.

During his Nike RISE Campaign in China, Bryant played some one-on-one with a fan. Some people may take it easy on fans at a promo event, but that's not in the Black Mamba's blood.

In the clip above, Bryant whipped out some pretty nice moves against his hopeless opponent. He didn't concede any easy buckets, either. Nor was there any chance of keeping him off the offensive boards.

Here's a look at some more of his one-on-one battles in Shanghai: 

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How many sumo wrestlers can fit on a plane?

Based on this picture, we can say it's safe to assume that 30 is probably the maximum.

Twenty-nine sumo wrestlers were able to cram into one plane on their way to training camp, and judging by the picture, it doesn't look like there was much wiggle room.

The plane, however, may have been a bit more comfortable fit than the bus:

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Making it to the NFL has to be worth getting a ridiculous haircut.

The Washington Redskins took kicker Zach Hocker in the seventh round of the 2014 NFL draft. Now that he has been able to get on the field with his new teammates, the rookie has been officially accepted as a member of the team after receiving a hilarious haircut.

According to ESPN.com's John Keim, Hocker received the haircut after he was unable to come up with a skit to perform for his teammates. The lack of a skit led him to offer to let his teammates pick a haircut for him.

This is what his teammates came up with:


Cam Newton gives a behind-the-scenes look at his preparation for the 2014-15 NFL season in a new series called "Huddle Up." 

The five-episode series covers everything from Newton's struggles at Florida to his offseason ankle surgery and work as a coach at his All-Star camps.

Episode one of the series will be released on Aug. 4.

Click here to see more about the series.

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Swatting another man’s rutabagas is a distinct breach of decorum.

It is a painful and indefensible act at best. It’s also not a big deal in the MLS. 

In one of the stranger, groin-centric incidents to occur in American soccer, New York Red Bulls defender Jamison Olave gave Real Salt Lake’s Olmes Garcia a slap on the tenderloin during their Wednesday night matchup 

The Big Lead’s Mike Cardillo caught scent of the incident, which ended in Garcia grabbing his groin and executing a barrel roll toward the penalty area.