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A simple spelling mistake is usually just embarrassing and nothing more. However, a spelling mistake in Texas' 2014 media guide has given Oklahoma fans the opportunity to troll their rival.

Check out what is on the bottom of each page in the Longhorns' media guide:

Writing "TexsaSports" turned out to be a big mistake.

What happens when you go to TexsaSports.com?


Watching Dirk Nowitzki work his craft on the hardwood is a joy, but seeing him struggle to play other sports is the greatest gift of all.

Thanks to a recent charity baseball tournament, we once again have the chance to unwrap another moment of bliss from the Dallas Mavericks big man.

Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Terrell Owens, Michael Young, Monta Ellis and a host of other celebrities converged on Frisco, Texas, on Saturday to show support for Nowitzki’s annual Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game.

Mike Bertha of Cut4 (h/t Grantland's Jason Gallagher) brings word of the game, which benefited a pair of children’s charities in the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation and the Heroes Foundation.

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Toronto Blue Jays infielder Munenori Kawasaki may not be the face of Major League Baseball, but nobody in the league gives better interviews.

If you recall, he is the man who gave an awesome interview after recording a walk-off hit last year. That was the start of things to come.

During a recent conversation with Sportsnet, Kawasaki talked about a variety of things. From Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz to NBA legend Michael Jordan, the infielder covered everything. He even revealed that his new nickname is "Little Papi."

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The first thing that baseball fans think of when they hear the name "George Brett" is pine tar, even 31 years after the iconic moment.

On July 24, 1983, the Kansas City Royals star hit a go-ahead, two-run home run with two outs in the top of the ninth inning against the New York Yankees. However, Yankees manager Billy Martin pointed out that there appeared to be an excessive amount of pine tar on George's bat.

After the umpires inspected the bat, they called Brett out, and the game ended with the Yankees winning. That led to Brett's signature moment.

Kansas City protested the game and was able to get the game to be finished August 18, with the home run counting. The Royals held on to win the suspended game 5-4.


Pierogi racing is not for the weak of mind or sinew.

Like Tokyo drifting or high-stakes wiener dog racing, it’s a fast and unregulated affair for those with stout dumplings and a flair for danger.

Accidents occur, and when they do, it’s an unleavened mess at best.

The MLB Fan Cave brings news of the most recent pierogi wreck, which involved Cheese Chester going down in a rough tumble at PNC Park on Wednesday night.

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NFL training camps are just starting up, which means players are going to have to get used to life on the road again. So far, New Orleans Saints players are having a rough time with their hotel accommodations.

Yesterday, we saw that tight end Jimmy Graham wasn't too thrilled with his room. That's nothing compared to what receiver Andy Tanner and fullback Austin Johnson have to deal with.

Professional athletes are no strangers to having roommates on road trips, but sharing a bed with a teammate may be an uncommon experience.

While certainly cozy, it may be difficult for Tanner and Johnson to get a good night's sleep if they don't have their own beds.


Pepe had an inglorious World Cup, getting sent off in his first game as Portugal were eliminated in the group stage.

So he did the only sensible thing: He went away, he grew his hair and he unveiled something that would help everyone forget about Brazil.

The Real Madrid man is now back on club duty as the team tour the USA and is pictured here with Iker Casillas.

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In the world of sports memorabilia, finding a Michael Jordan collectible is like the holy grail. You can imagine what people would do to get anything with his name and signature attached, let alone the last contract he signed with the Chicago Bulls prior to the 1997-98 season.     

According to ESPN.com's Darren Rovell, collectors now have their chance to bid on that contract via Dallas-based Heritage Auctions:

Rovell also states that the value of the contract was estimated at $30,000 but that the bidding, which closes July 31, "already has topped $28,000."

As ESPN coordinating producer Desmond Wallace noted on Twitter, Jordan is so money that his paper is more valuable than any other human being's:


If you're ever involved in a game of baseball with AS Monaco and Colombia striker Radamel Falcao, keep your eyes on the ball.

The forward uploaded footage of himself practicing with a friend.

Falcao drills the ball at full speed straight in front of him, and it goes through the netting and very nearly takes off his friend's head.

After the injury that ruled him out of the World Cup, Falcao will be hoping to hit a football that hard come the new season.


Never underestimate Victor Cruz’s sneakiness. 

The New York Giants wide receiver pulled off a slick one earlier this month when he proposed to longtime girlfriend Elaina Watley during a baby dedication for their daughter.

TMZ.com reports the proposal occurred in New Jersey on July 13. The video confirms that it was adorable.