1. Focused. https://t.co/4XBJhzgSts

  2. Thabo Sefolosha and Tiago Splitter will be Hawks inactives.

  3. Review Finds Cops Abused Authority Arresting Selofosha

  4. After Ordeal with Police, Sefolosha Getting Back on Track

  5. Thabo Sefolosha (Ankle) Out Versus Heat

  6. Trust Gods plan. Praise him through the struggle.

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  9. Thabo Sefolosha Tells His Story of Assault by NYPD

  10. How Jury Would Decide If Sefolosha's Injury Is Worth $50M

  11. Hawks' Sefolosha to Sue City of NY, NYPD

  12. Big game against @okcthunders tonight! LETS GET LOUD @Atlhawks! #TrueToAtlanta #HAWKS!

  13. November has been rough... 

  14. Tough losses for my alum today! To the seniors of @ODUFootball your journey has just begun! To @ODUMBB, it's early, KEEP GRINDING!!!

  15. Sefolosha Could (And Should) Sue NYPD, NYC for $50M

  16. Report: Sefolosha Plans $50M Lawsuit Over Broken Leg

  17. Report: Probe of Police Conduct in Sefolosha's Arrest Progressing

  18. Praise God!

  19. Nice way to bounce back on the road vs Memphis. Go Hawks! #TrueToAtlanta

  20. Big win tonight! I want to congratulate my guy @KyleKorver on moving into 10th place all time in 3 pointers made!! #BIGTIME #HawksRising

  21. Roberts: NBA Union Will Back Sefolosha If He Chooses to Sue NYPD

  22. Ziller: Sefolosha Shows Why 'Sticking to Sports' Isn't a Viable Option

  23. For Sefolosha, Plenty of Principled Reasons to Go to Trial

  24. “Be strong, things will get better. It might be stormy now, but rain doesn’t last forever.” – Unknown

  25. Thank you for giving me a chance to chase this dream. All of the sacrifices, the encouragement, those… https://t.co/0AABFHn0gK

  26. Yup brad Thor was my introduction to the international espionage world https://t.co/KbrDR5Ro6z

  27. Hawks 'Hopeful' Sefolosha Will Be Able to Play This Week

  28. Hawks' Thabo Sefolosha Could Play Wednesday

  29. KD, Westbrook Reflect on Sefolosha Acquittal

  30. I think Kyle did a great job. It gets better! https://t.co/kwVH8Vqhd7

  31. Happy Thanksgiving from Amiya & Aniya 

  32. Antic on Sefolosha Arrest: 'It Wasn't Justice What They Did to Him'

  33. Hawks' Sefolosha Found Not Guilty in NYPD Incident

  34. Yessir! Front to back! https://t.co/Wl7ic6cI6o

  35. The pre game show on Fox has the cowboy fans charged up... Lol whoa #KeepPounding

  36. Podcast: Dissecting Ownership Scandal, Sefolosha Trial

  37. Sefolosha: Cop Threatened to Hurt Me 'With or Without Badge'

  38. Also thankful for the team I have in my personal life! Couldn't get here without you guys!

  39. Happy Thanksgiving to all! I'm thankful for each and every one of you! Thankful for a great group of teammates, coaches, and a great org.!!

  40. Lawyer: Sefolosha Targeted Because He's Black

  41. Sefolosha Hoping to Move on After Arrest

  42. I can't wait for Kobe to jog the world's memory... 

  43. Happy Thanksgiving! #Godbless

  44. Report: Korver, Sefolosha Cleared for Basketball Activities

  45. Report: Trial Date Set for Hawks' Sefolosha

  46. #ThinkPositive

  47. #ThinkPositive https://t.co/9v3cOY2aa1

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  49. Congrats to @officialmutombo Great role model. #Proud #TruetoAtlanta https://t.co/tv7iVdgzt6

  50. #ThinkPositive

  51. #ThinkPositive https://t.co/LuZGOZcXA1

  52. Let's #RiseUp @ATLHawks! We've got the @celtics tonight. https://t.co/QiMqr2Kybc

  53. Give Thanks Challenge. #Hawks #TrueToAtlanta https://t.co/NGGeM2ocEG

  54. Way to knock down your free throws boy! @AHoliday03

  55. Young to comfortable out there. Keep keep attacking!

  56. That's a bad call! https://t.co/KYs5aJFfgC

  57. The North Carolina flag inside the shoe is my favorite part! #252 https://t.co/N2Mf5Yvk1A

  58. The grind bro! https://t.co/57t3dx6KKW

  59. My bowling dates..

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  61. 41 points later.... https://t.co/HvOaVe3BDM

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  63. Man makes decisions, but God writes history. Gaze upon the cross. Good to be in church today.