1. Report: Terrence Ross' deal with Raptors worth $31M (not $33M) over 3 years. https://t.co/1B6DK4STeR https://t.co/bAVMwiyrUd

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  3. Ross (Thumb) Returns vs. Lakers

  4. Ross' Extension Not About Past or Present, but About Future

  5. Ross, Raptors Agree to 3-Year/$33M Extension

  6. Raptors admit Terrence Ross extension is “betting on the person” https://t.co/Udx0vKrw9Y

  7. Here's your Raptors salary cap update that factors in the Terrence Ross Extension Effect: https://t.co/tYwnonhKA7 https://t.co/QsbwdBDTjJ

  8. Terrence Ross breaking out the headband tonight. Tribute to JJ?

  9. Ross is hopeful he & the Raptors can come to terms on an extension before Monday's deadline. "We're working on it so we'll see what happens"

  10. Ross Extension a '50-50' Possibility

  11. Improved D, Slim Lowry and Drizzy in the 6: Raptors Season Preview

  12. Hmm, Terrence Ross with the headband for the Raptors tonight, and not even gold-encrusted

  13. Added Terrence Ross' $31 mil extension to Toronto Raptors @BBallInsiders seems high https://t.co/ZxdL6u3Zsg

  14. Terrence Ross spoke to the media after this morning's shootaround. Watch: https://t.co/uexRlp6AsI

  15. Casey says Ross rolled ankle but hasn't spoken to doctors on severity.

  16. Ross Exits After Apparent Ankle Injury

  17. Watch: Ross Flips the Script, Breaks Crawford's Ankles

  18. I don't want to talk about Terrence Ross at this time. https://t.co/TRaluXRPPd

  19. One time for Terrence Ross's effort on this box-out against Wade? https://t.co/TsyE3e4iw3

  20. New: What to do about Terrence Ross - https://t.co/dil1RY3q0a https://t.co/TLyD5jBp75

  21. Ujiri: Raptors Have Talked Contract Extension with Ross

  22. New: What to do about Terrence Ross - https://t.co/dil1RY3q0a https://t.co/PXjFwF9Vo4

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  24. Carroll will not play as expected. The surprise is Terrence Ross managed to injure himself in that game in Miami and will not be active.

  25. DeMarre Carroll and Terrence Ross are out tonight for the Raptors. Carmelo called it "a winnable game."

  26. Roster update: DeMarre Carroll (sore right heel) and Terrence Ross (sprained left thumb) are inactive tonight.

  27. Raptors' DeMarre Carroll, Terrence Ross will not play vs. Knicks. https://t.co/kUxcqd9sAC https://t.co/UDv8XE0W8g

  28. Comment section reacts to DeMarre Carroll and Terrence Ross being out. https://t.co/nzW3YVnGrC

  29. Terrence Ross sprained his thumb ligament in a basketball workout on Monday. Raptors say there is no timetable for his return ...

  30. New: Terrence Ross out indefinitely with thumb ligament injury - https://t.co/KB6w9nLiKd https://t.co/bOjwVKLQjY

  31. Raptors say Terrence Ross has a ligament injury in his left thumb. He's out, and Toronto says there is no timetable for his return.

  32. Raptors Terrence Ross has a cast on his left hand/thumb says he'll be out 'at least two [weeks]"

  33. Update: Terrence Ross spoke post-game on his unfortunate hand injury. Details: https://t.co/dqj2Qdjkwj https://t.co/YFzgOwtHdu

  34. Terrence Ross suffers thumb injury: https://t.co/00sUYGtRgD #Raptors

  35. New: Post-Game Audio: Dwane Casey, DeMar DeRozan, Terrence Ross on Injury - https://t.co/Y1manPvLOP https://t.co/QgzsiQCviV

  36. Raptors' Terrence Ross out at least 2 weeks with a thumb injury. https://t.co/MbVodrBVdg https://t.co/wFkkMLEJQ5

  37. The Raptors have lost 3 games in a row. In those games, they have shot 12-for-59 (20.3%) from 3. DeMarre Carroll and Terrence Ross are hurt.

  38. Roster update: Terrence Ross is out indefinitely with a ligament injury to his left thumb. DeMarre Carroll (heel) is also inactive tonight.

  39. DeMarre Carroll, Terrence Ross not in Philly with the Raptors but the one and only Alvin Williams is and he could give em 7 mins. Maybe

  40. On the Raptors' recent three-point shooting drought, made worse by the absence of DeMarre Carroll & Terrence Ross: https://t.co/4mGe4DTH7l

  41. This Week In Social returns as Terrence Ross takes on the Instagram haters. https://t.co/B49Wfjh9ox https://t.co/KrAjNhy166

  42. Scott Suggs is now ahead of Terrence Ross in the rotation.

  43. Woah, this stream is choppier than Terrence Ross's career.

  44. All signs point to a return to action for Raptor Terrence Ross tonight. Not sure what that means but thought you'd like to know

  45. Terrence Ross will dress for tonight's game at LAL. Has missed the past six games with a left thumb ligament injury. #rtz

  46. Terrence Ross will make his return to the active roster tonight. He has been out since the Knicks game.

  47. Terrence Ross returns from his thumb injury tonight vs the Lakers, Raptors say.

  48. New: Terrence Ross returns for Raptors vs. Lakers - https://t.co/PrUx1u94xW https://t.co/5JWEKCPgGH

  49. Terrence Ross returns from thumb injury ahead of schedule. https://t.co/AxjeZHiNdV https://t.co/sFM5o6YGeO

  50. Roster update: Terrence Ross will be in uniform tonight.