1. Wonder how much #Ravens miss the emotional leadership of Terrell Suggs. They look like they're ready to fold it up after 4 weeks

  2. Ravens' Suggs Out for Season After Achilles Tear

  3. Ya know what's weird? Days of game talk and not hearing ONCE how much Terrell Suggs hates the #Steelers. I like it.

  4. Elvis Dumervil breaks the #Ravens' pre-game huddle. Unlike Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs, Dumervil just offered a few brief words.

  5. Tomlin says they expect to see Jason Babin play at OLB this week, two weeks after he was signed to replace the injured Terrell Suggs

  6. Ravens defense has allowed an extra 2.5 yards per play without Terrell Suggs on field this season.

  7. Bengals LT Andrew Whitworth isn't too upset he won't face Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs (Achilles) this year, but he... http://t.co/OozVFSJwHR

  8. KC: The big loss of Terrell Suggs and his leadership will hold the @Ravens back. https://t.co/0XKI8eQhXf

  9. Loss of Terrell Suggs ranks No. 6 on top 10 injuries this season http://t.co/4vyfGu4ttW

  10. Loss of Terrell Suggs ranks No. 6 on top 10 injuries this season http://t.co/4vyfGu4ttW #ravens

  11. ICYMI: Life without Terrell Suggs looks bleak for Baltimore: http://t.co/2xKTkbLkNW #RavensTalk http://t.co/ddxzORh0jQ

  12. Ravens missing Terrell Suggs? Their defense has allowed Raiders to score on five of six drives. http://t.co/b8n0nmcbWV

  13. Chris Canty takes over for Terrell Suggs in leading pregame huddle for Ravens http://t.co/8UOp6LlxeI http://t.co/GikX5j1Ns1

  14. Looks like Chris Canty broke down the final pre-game huddle for Ravens. Taking Suggs' role.

  15. #Ravens signed Jason Babin this week with loss of Terrell Suggs. Babin is inactive vs #Raiders

  16. Some links from the league's north divisions, including notes on Kelvin Beachum, Johnny Manziel, and Terrell Suggs: http://t.co/jejugVLrZu

  17. Terrell Suggs vows to return; future might not be with Ravens http://t.co/MvFTOyzG4Z http://t.co/3f43PEX2si

  18. For 291 straight games, the #Ravens defense had either Ray Lewis, Ed Reed or Terrell Suggs. That streak ends today http://t.co/jwmybtDyuV

  19. Last time Ravens played a game without Suggs, Lewis or Reed, Joe Flacco was 13 years old

  20. Terrell Suggs not even considering retirement. Will begin rehab soon and will play in '16 whether for Ravens or elsewhere (has $4.5M salary)

  21. With Terrell Suggs out, Ravens defense in uncharted territory vs. Raiders http://t.co/duKIk5KkvN

  22. Terrell Suggs lost for the season, #Ravens scramble to find replacement vs #Raiders http://t.co/uBzh6oNr6u http://t.co/0jIfb294SO

  23. Video: The loss of Terrell Suggs means an increased role for Elvis Dumervil http://t.co/2OZBbm6cIz